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Owner & Lead Developer of Dyescape
About me:
I'm the owner and lead developer of Dyescape. I'm a 19 year old software engineer, knowing various programming languages such as C#, PHP, Java, JavaScript, jQuery and the basic website languages such as HTML and CSS. I'm extremely interested in cyber crime and cyber security. When I got the spare time, I try to learn some stuff about cyber security so I can hopefully one day become a certified ethical hacker.

All plugins on Dyescape are coded by me, and I'm also responsible for setting up and maintaning all of the servers. I have big plans when it comes to Dyescape's software and servers.

About Dyescape:
I've been playing Minecraft since the 1.0.0 release. Since roughly version 1.2.5 I got into server management and running one. I've been in the business ever since and I love doing it. Some time ago, I created a small survival network called Dyescape. It didn't work out great as player count never really got high or stable at all. The staff team and I decided we shut everything down and made something truely unique of Dyescape, which is what we all know currently.
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