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    Dyescape Nuzlocke

    Hey all! How’s it going? Are you looking for more of a challenge while you play Dyescape? Well, do I have the challenge rule set for you! It’s called the Dyescape Nuzlocke: Here’s the rules: You can only have 1 skill active at a time in your hotbar, they must remain at level 1. If you die...
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    The Dyescape Speedsters

    Another new addition (interesting challenge) Nuzlock X% (X being another category) the rules of a Dyescape nuzlock: If you die with a skill in your hotbar that skill is no longer usable. You can only have 1 skill in your hotbar at a time. If you have no usable skills left your run is Null...
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    The Dyescape Speedsters

    New additions to the categories: Softlocked% Death%
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    The Dyescape Speedsters

    Here in the Dyescape speedsters, we’re a community that focuses on speed-running the game, there is one (only one) requirement to join. Provided that you plan on being an active part of the Dyescape Speedsters, the requirement is that you have already made a run of the game in some...
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    v0.1.0 - Release analysis & reflection

    This update on the issues is very much appreciated!
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    Suggestion “The Corrupted” Event

    For some point in the alpha or later on, an event where you have a temporary skill that corrupts, when “corrupted” you gain the skill that corrupts, everyone whose logged on is participating, and can go about their business as usual if they don’t want to truly participate, but the skill does...
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    Rejected A Crowd Control based class (or class abilities)

    huh, thought I did, must’ve missed them, my bad.
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    Rejected A Crowd Control based class (or class abilities)

    So, in many MMORPGs, when completing dungeons and attempting to clear the boss, many members of the party/guild have individualized tasks, that all go towards the same goal, in my honest opinion towards the later end of the game when there’s going to NEED to be multiple players to clear a RG...