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    Suggestion Dynamic Economy

    I suppose, yes, these are similar ideas. A season could add a value modifier (say +25% value in fall for mushrooms, fluctuates through the course of the season.. some items can only be sold in certain seasons, dramatically improving their value) and other fluctuating modifiers could be added...
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    Suggestion Dynamic Economy

    Hello everyone. I've been pondering over ideas to suggest to the Dyescape team. Here's one... a dynamic economy. This idea is built on the assumption that there is going to be an in-game shop where players can sell their items, of diverse rarity, to an NPC for an appraised value in a specific...
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    The History of Pakium

    Great background to Pakium; a peaceful village town to be plagued by thieves and tormented by evil!
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    Accepted Mounts

    I would love to see a variation of mounts implemented, however, I believe that these mounts should serve minor influences on actual gameplay. Mounts like horses (or similar animals... potentially specific variations for different topographical regions) that improve walking speed and introduce a...
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    Welcome! :)
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    Suggestion Ore Deposits

    I like the idea of ore deposits in certain regions/places set by the content team. Areas of interest or lore have certain ore deposits of a certain level. Higher-level regions will have rarer ores in deposits (ex. cobalt, diamond, etc., just depends on the region too). If a guild controls the...
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    Hello !

    Welcome to Dyescape!
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    Accepted Radiation (Not Fallout)

    Going off of what Krabby and JayZ.... yeah, its sort of like the area in the Avatar, the sacred Tree of Voices, where the colonizer's instruments are interrupted.... The Disturbance.
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    Rejected Continental Railroa

    I think a cart system would be a very interesting, more suitable mode of travel for Dyescape's lore (that is assuming there's not a better plan in the works :) ). I assume with the OP's idea, the train would be an automated form of transportation between two locations with set stations. With...
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    Fellow Forumers, I am DatzZoo and I am 17 years of age from the United States. A little about me, I am very passionate about creative writing, lore, history, and the sciences. I have a dog named Sky (2) whom I love dearly! Finally, I wish to pursue some sort of career in Medicinal Chemistry...