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  1. ThinkPotato

    Duplicate Where Adventures Begin V - Missing NPC's

    In-game name: ThinkPotato Short description: I was doing the quest as normal, I found the missing guards and started to escort them. I died before finishing, upon returning the NPC's don't seem to be anywhere. Long description: I was doing the quest as normal, I went out and found the missing...
  2. ThinkPotato

    Duplicate Duplicates in Leila's Store

    In-game name: ThinkPotato Short description: There appears to be duplicate Leila NPC's as well as my character. Long description: I decided to return to Leila's to see if perhaps I could take out more garbage or something and upon entering I noticed that my player model was in the store facing...
  3. ThinkPotato

    Map Mod Ideas?

    Hi Everyone! I don't know about anyone else but I really prefer to have the bottom portion of my screen free and am thinking about using a map mod. Does anyone have any suggestions for map mods that are acceptable on Dyescape?
  4. ThinkPotato

    Fixed Gerald NPC has Glowing effect whilst other players interact

    In-game name: ThinkPotato Short description: I've noticed two or three times now that when another player is interacting with the Gerald NPC, the NPC has the glowing effect for me from a distance. Long description: See Short description* Date and time: 08/12/2021 4:15pm EST or 10:15pm UTC+2...
  5. ThinkPotato

    Cannot reproduce Quest Log not displaying completed Quest.

    In-game name: ThinkPotato Short description: Completion of the Quest Passenger Hunt, doesn't appear to have carried over to the Quest Log under Where Adventures Begin II. Long description: I finished Passenger Hunt at it displayed the message in chat, however, it still doesn't seem to show it as...
  6. ThinkPotato

    v0.1.0 - Initial alpha release

    AYYYYY! Alpha Release time!!!
  7. ThinkPotato

    I bought an e-reader.

    Agreed, I prefer real books. I think the physically act of reading a book makes me more motivated to read in the first place. I finished Dune right before they announced the movie and am in the middle of rereading it currently!
  8. ThinkPotato

    Creatively Drained... send help.

    Thanks so much! I have been thinking about taking a short trip and doing some new content. These are some great ideas, love your perspective as well.
  9. ThinkPotato

    Creatively Drained... send help.

    Thank you very much for this response! It is good to step back and I appreciate your perspective, and I'd love to hop into a voice call sometime!
  10. ThinkPotato

    Creatively Drained... send help.

    Hey everyone! I know this is right into the middle of what's considered "Off topic" so I thought this post would fit right in here. I work in media doing photo and video production and I have found that especially during the current status of the world that I have been really drained...
  11. ThinkPotato


    Hey! Glad to see you here!
  12. ThinkPotato

    Not to brag, but...

    Umm, not to brag, but... Image ... I mean, somebody likes me!
  13. ThinkPotato

    ThinkPotato Here!

    I dare say, I may have to trifle; I refuse to deal with any boiled pizza eaters.
  14. ThinkPotato

    ThinkPotato Here!

    Um, I guess I'll choose pineapple on pizza, not really ready to die yet. Also, I would like to thank the you, a prestigious member of the Wiki Team for gracing my humble post and I with your presence.
  15. ThinkPotato

    ThinkPotato Here!

    Hi! My IGN is ThinkPotato. I am currently 20 years old, and have recently gotten back into the mystically marvelous world that is Minecraft. I love in depth games and servers, so I am really looking forward to this server! Especially since the start of the pandemic I have been looking for new...