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  1. Perotin

    Suggestion Restock Time Info in Shop

    Was going to write a similar suggestion about this so I'll just comment here; on-top of this being a good idea, I think potentially another idea to fix the issue of shops being out of stock would be to actually use the sold items in the shop. For example, if a player sells their pork, then the...
  2. Perotin

    Why I was too late for the alpha signup....

    Seems like this bit you in the butt. If you want though, I do have 2 extra invites. Send me a PM with your minecraft name.
  3. Perotin

    How to join dyescape server

    Queue is frozen until v0.1.1 patch comes out. No use waiting in limbo.
  4. Perotin

    Duplicate Skill unlock AND not OR

    In-game name: Perotin Short description: To unlock Heroic charge it says you must have Debilitating Blow or Shattering strike. I have debilitating blow not shattering strike. However, it says I cannot unlock. I assume this must be changed to an AND not an OR as well as fixing the checkmark...
  5. Perotin

    Accepted Weather Seasons

    Overall I agree with basically all of this-- I would like to see seasons have more than a cosmetic affect (I understand it'll affect the economy still but adding debuffs/some core mechanics would just add to the complexity of Dyescape, making it richer and more immersive), but I get wanting it...
  6. Perotin

    Team expansion, donator features and a sweet giveaway

    Question #6: "What rank perk would you love to see?" I would love to see exclusive pets, I'd probably buy them anyways, but if a few came with our ranks, that'd be cool ;)
  7. Perotin

    Accepted Contracts

    I agree that quests could get oversaturated if every type of content is classified as 'Quests', mini-quests could work, sure, though that seems a bit too dry. You could expand on the Contracts idea by going down the Factions route where you have NPCs that give out objectives and by helping them...
  8. Perotin

    Rejected Curses or Hexes

    An easy solution to this would have an option to toggle Hexes on you. For example, lots of hub servers have 'hub games' where you can grab & throw players which can be annoying but they give the option to toggle it off. I would say this could fit in the realm of donor perks (or make it freemium).
  9. Perotin

    You like liking posts huh :)

    You like liking posts huh :)
  10. Perotin

    The fishboy has arrived!

    Welcome to the community! Happy you joined, even though you didn't find it sooner, you still are relatively 'early' as alpha has not happened yet! So don't worry!
  11. Perotin

    I am Dartanman

    Welcome Dartanman! I recognize you from Spigot (assuming that's who you are). Nice to see you coming to Dyescape! :)
  12. Perotin

    USSR Recruitment.

    You're in. Welcome Comrade Brett
  13. Perotin

    USSR Recruitment.

    Link me your favorite youtube video of all time. If you can sing for me the USSR's anthem from memory then yes.
  14. Perotin

    USSR Recruitment.

    The board of brothers decided that we’ll pend your application later and make a review then.
  15. Perotin

    Favorite Stand

    I don’t watch JoJo, but I’m going to have to agree with Kabby here... Seriously, who likes heirophant green of all stands?!?
  16. Perotin

    Hello !

    Welcome Meteoriix! Hope to see you around :)
  17. Perotin

    This guy is dark... o_o

    This guy is dark... o_o
  18. Perotin

    Went from navy blue to light blue :)

    Went from navy blue to light blue :)
  19. Perotin

    Accepted Radiation (Not Fallout)

    Just adding on, you could use radiation in tons of various ways as well depending on how far you want to go with it, also, when I say 'radiation', I basically mean any form of repellent/restriction to an area that a player must do something beforehand to enter. You can make it toxic gas...
  20. Perotin

    Accepted Radiation (Not Fallout)

    Hellooooo! Before you scream, "NO! NOT ANOTHER RADIATION GAME!" Let me say this... Radiation should not be a centerpiece/focus of Dyescape at all. However, my suggestion is this: Have minor 'radiation zones' where players need to have lead / anti-radiation gear to enter. There are numerous...