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Suggestion A Bunch Of Materials

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by Immortal, Jan 6, 2020.

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  1. Immortal


    I know I posted a suggestion only yesterday, but this is less of a mechanics suggestion than a potential resource for the content makers. Here, I have made a list of potential materials that could exist in Eturia and given them suitable stats and lore, at least to my feeling. You guys are free to use these wherever and whenever and modify it as you like in usage.

    Material names, stats, etc. : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vWCYYBLodVJp9waajUQYu_mKOVifoPf_-Hvcf-3gwlA/edit?usp=sharing

    Material lore: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AXtBjppTxKDjI253dm6NDFfUB9wcYiOwO3AqqAperyM/edit?usp=sharing

    I will keep adding more names and lore to this, and if I get a good suggestion I'll add that too! Remember, you can never have too many materials, even if it's just for lore!
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  2. Aekalix

    Aekalix Frontend & Content Manager Manager

    Oh, great! Please do continue. Finding unique material names that do not sound weird is quite hard. We'll definitely use these if we deem them fit.
  3. Escad_

    Escad_ Moderator Moderator Wiki Team

    Osserium and Moonbrass are very interesting names. I have to say those stick quite well in my mind above all else. Thundersteel sounds like something knights and warriors might cash in on for lots of heavy equipment, and it's about as easy to remember as Moonbrass.
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  4. Aekalix

    Aekalix Frontend & Content Manager Manager

    Yup, I definitely agree! There are some quite good names out there. I linked them within our equipment process to pick from if we need new weapons.
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  5. Immortal


    Thanks for the feedback! Also, I have posted replied to each of your comments within the doc itself.

    Osserium and Moonbrass were the first names I came up with, so most likely they have the freshness of novelty. Plus I spent way too long tweaking their sounds.

    Also, I updated the sheet with a bunch more names. Plus I highlighted suggested negative attributes in red, positive ones in green and neutral ones in yellow.

    Thanks for the love for this suggestion :D

    Personally, Xenocite is one of the more enduring names within my mind, simply because of its appearance in one of my short stories.

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