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Quest Bringing the fight to us

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by Trook, Feb 23, 2021.

  1. Trook


    The Idea: When conversing with someone of a higher intellectual level they briefly make remarks regarding a way to make your enemies your own. Turn the strongest ones of the dark into the protectees of the light. So you inquire about the said practice and he gives you a book, the book that dates back centuries with this practice. But he warns you, this is a dangerous feat to attempt. You shrug it off as you're overwhelmed with the idea of a powerful force you can control. The text is in an ancient language your eye cannot depict, but you know somebody who can. You take the book to the translator and he is only able to translate some parts of it. He's the only one who knows how. Although some parts of the book are blacked out you still want to try it. You craft the mob using special items (not sure on the specifics of these items yet) and the mob spawns. At first, it's peaceful and you think you've done it... but due to the untranslated text, you forgot the most important part. How to make it fight for the light, instead of the dark. You create the villain but don't cast the spell to make it work for you. You're no match for this mob but it won't let you get away. You must fight it.
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  2. longbow122

    longbow122 Content team Content team

    Definitely a brilliant idea for a side quest! Would you mind giving me some more input as to how you feel this quest would play out? I plan on working on this quest idea a little more
  3. Trook



    The player is nearing the end of a quest when he talks/runs into this person who is “smart” This person briefly goes over the idea of creating a creature so powerful that when tamed it can conquer all evil.

    The player will be prompted with responses and will have one to ask about the creature

    Greed is something that can overwhelm the minds of many, and at this stage, the player is filled with it. Yearning for power so strong he can get his way no matter what, he wants to know more.

    So.. the intellectual gives him the book filled with the prophecies of this creature. He warns him that a dark path is ahead of him if power consumes him, the player doesn’t listen. Before bidding each other goodbye the intellectual advises him to take it to the translator for inspection and instruction.

    The translator is aged, he’s been around for centuries, ever since the creation of the book and he’s the only one who can read the scripture. Since he’s on his last leg of life he uses his final energy to translate information in the book. Unfortunately, he perishes before finishing. The creation of the creature is written clearly that the player can read it, but the spell of taming is not.

    Showing great perseverance and a strong longing for power, he sets out to create this monster. Taking the head of a slain mob and the blood of his own, he puts the two together to create a mob so powerful that it can destroy cities like they never were there. But he fails, he doesn’t know the spell and now he’s trapped in the monster’s “dark realm” there’s nothing but him and the mob, and the winner gets freed into the world. The player must win this battle to protect his world.

    This is a rough draft of a quest I thought would be cool… please change everything and anything at your discretion!
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