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Suggestion Cross thy swords in battle! (Parrying mechanic)

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by Immortal, Aug 31, 2019.

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  1. Immortal


    Yet another suggestion from the idle suggestor because he has nothing better to do.

    Generally, parrying refers to when two swords stop each other mid-strike, thereby blocking either swing from hitting the opponent. Personally, I feel the basic Minecraft combat mechanics are rather dull - whoever clicks on the opponent faster and more accurately wins. The 1.9 update was a step in the right direction, but I feel a lot more can be done. And so, here's my idea of how to make that happen

    Parrying (Melee)

    When one melee weapon user strikes another and they right click with their weapon at the same time, and their crosshairs line up through a single block (Direct straight line from the players' crosshairs, check if the two lines intersect), then the strikes have a 50% chance to parry. When a parry occurs, it negates all damage to either combatant but instead subtracts from the durability of the item. This is to ensure that parrying isn't just a way to block hits for free. It must have some side effect so players can consider both its pros and cons. But this would lead to hardly any shots impacting on either side, protracting battles further. How could this be avoided?

    In addition to parrying, you could have a system where all shots by default do a large amount of damage. This would make a strike getting through more satisfying and meaningful. Perhaps this blocking chance could be affected by skills like Dexterity/Agility. A higher amount of dexterity would lead to a higher chance to block strikes yourself, while a higher amount of agility would decrease the parry chance of the opponent.

    Parrying (Magical)

    This may seem a little weird at first. 'But Immortal, magic is magical. And magical bolts do not intercept each other at all'. Except they do. What would you call this then?
    My idea for a magical parrying mechanic is if two magical projectiles came within the same block, they would have a 75% chance of hitting each other and canceling out (with a tiny explosion, of course). The higher chance is because while melee shots almost always strike within the same few blocks, magical shots are fought from a distance, and taking the projectiles' arcs into account, the chance of the projectiles intersecting is rather low, and so I suggest that the damage remains the same as before, or maybe buffed just slightly.

    Another idea I had was for an additional magical skill parrying. Specifically, the Impale and the Arcane Bolt skills of the Mage. When two of these projectiles meet, they would initiate a Counter-Blast; that is, what is seen in the image above. The beam of energy would be sustained, constantly depleting the mana bars of both casters. When one of them reaches zero, the mage whose mana bar completely depleted would be flung back by a heavy knockback effect and stunned and blinded briefly. If both ran out of mana at the same time, both would get this knockback, stun, and blindness.

    In my opinion, this would add just a bit of extra depth to battles, rather than the usual boring click-click-click-aim-click battles that are the norm today. Immortal out!
  2. KabbyDankGod

    KabbyDankGod Wiki Team Wiki Team Baron

    Alright suggestion, honestly don't have enough energy to say anything else.

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