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Rejected Curses or Hexes

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by StaffHunter, Aug 10, 2020.

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  1. StaffHunter

    StaffHunter Viscount

    So I was thinking, what if players could hex or curse other players in game? As to not ruin the PvE aspect the hexes would be purely cosmetic. For example, hex someone into hearing chicken sounds every few seconds for an hour (dementia hex), hex someone into randomly walking a few steps in a random direction (possessed or dizzy hex), hex someone into hearing monsters around them but not being able to see them (paranoia hex), hex someone into seeing fake players or mobs run around them (idek anymore what this could be called). There are countless ideas and I think it could be a fun way to prank friends for a short amount of time. Maybe have each hex have a certain antidote that can be crafted if you dont want to wait until it wears off. Have the hexes be harmless, just annoying.
  2. ArcticRaven

    ArcticRaven Noble

    This could be abused and annoying very quickly - for example, 30 people Hex Aeky with as many hexes that are between them over and over or a coordinated timing.

    Over all I think its a bad idea that doesn't really improve the game to any notable capacity.
  3. Perotin

    Perotin Moderator Moderator Duke

    An easy solution to this would have an option to toggle Hexes on you. For example, lots of hub servers have 'hub games' where you can grab & throw players which can be annoying but they give the option to toggle it off.

    I would say this could fit in the realm of donor perks (or make it freemium).
  4. longbow122

    longbow122 Content team Content team

    I'd say make it a donor perk, and I'm certain a toggle sort of system would be implementable. But I can also see how this may affect gameplay negatively, and if it doesn't, people will find a way to say it does and complain. It's a good suggestion, it's just bound to get lots of fire/hate from the less mature players.
  5. Aekalix

    Aekalix Frontend & Content Manager Manager

    Seem like an interesting idea, but would need a lot of polishing. However, I do think if we implement some toggleable option then this donator feature would immediately fall off completely. It's simply annoying. What I like more is turning this into an actual class. A deceiver. But that's for another time/suggestion. Considering all of the above I will have to decline this suggestion.

    Thank you for suggesting!
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