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    In here you will find all rules that apply to Dyescape and everything related us. When an applicable staff member catches you breaking the rules, or after you've been reported, you will be punished. Punishment details are listed below. Please read these rules carefully to prevent any trouble. Note that the rules below are merely examples. We cannot possibly write down a list of rules that covers absolutely everything that happens in our network. We strive to keep this list as updated and as expanded as possible, but a staff member reserves the right to punish you, even if it is not specifically mentioned here.

    Every rule listed below will have a punishment category related to it. This indicates how hard you will be punished for breaking that rule. If you believe you received a wrong punishment after breaking a rule, please create an appeal here. Below you will find the offence categories and their appealing punishments.
    Category 1: Low offence
    The low offence category contains basic rules for overall bad behaviour. These will usually simply get you temporarily muted and will not have serious consequences.
    Punishment: Most offences will start with a warning. If you continue your actions, you will be muted or temporarily banned. In some cases, we may choose to not give you a warning and instantly temporarily mute or ban you.
    Punishment time: 1 hour - 24 hours.

    Category 2: Medium offence
    Medium offences are considered extremely bad behaviour, harassment or exploiting or posting unapproved links (URLs).
    Punishment: No warning; you will instantly be temporarily banned or muted.
    Punishment time: 24 hours - 7 days.

    Category 3: High offence
    High offences is a category where usually a larger amount of people is affected by the rule you broke. This can include scamming, using cheats or strong advertising.
    Punishment: No warning; you will instantly be temporarely or permanently banned.
    Punishment time: 7 days - permanent.

    Intensive use of caps lock
    Capitalising the majority of your sentence or inappropriate use of capitals (TyPiNg LiKe ThIs) is not allowed. Using a little caps lock due to excitement is allowed, such as "COOL, I FOUND A LEVEL 100 MYTHICAL ITEM!", but not when it's done over and over again. Typing a sentence such as "Man That Dungeon Was Awesome!" is allowed. This is merely bad grammar and we do not punish this. Mentioning a player with a fully caps locked playername is also allowed.
    Offence category: Low offence

    Sending the same (or very identical) sentence multiple times within a short period of time or sending random useless characters or symbols is not allowed. Sending the message "I like trains!" multiple times in a short period of time is considered spamming. Sending messages such as "asbdflkuasgfsjkhdfasdf" have no meaning and are not allowed.
    Offence category: Low offence

    Rudeness / bad behaviour
    Respect everyone on this network. Being rude to other players, harassing players, bullying, racism, discrimination or sexism is not allowed. We want everyone to realise that there's an actual person behind the virtual avatar you see online, and what you do or say online can have an impact on the person behind it.
    Offence category: Low offence

    Political or religious talk
    We prefer to keep politics or religious talk off Dyescape. Discussions about politics or religious usually don't have a great and happy ending. Therefore, we may choose to close such discussions if we believe it will have a bad impact on our players or on Dyescape itself. You will be warned for doing so.
    Offence category: Low offence

    Light advertising
    Promoting stuff using Dyescape is not allowed. Requesting players to follow you on Twitter, subscribe to your YouTube channel, join another Minecraft server with you, and so on, is seen as light advertising.
    Offence category: Low offence

    Other languages
    Dyescape is an English organisation. To support as many people as possible, we ask everyone to speak English. If you can't speak English, please use a private chat feature in-game or with an external service or use something like Google translate to at least try. Keep it as much English as possible.
    Offence category: Low offence

    Arguing or rioting
    Respect someone's opinion or decision. We do not allow people to constantly contradict what someone said or did. If a staff member, for example, banned a player, we don't allow messages such as "He did nothing wrong! Please unban him! He'll never do it again!". This is seen as plain arguing and this is not appreciated. Furthermore, arguing between players is also not allowed. Discussions are fine, but when it gets out of hand, we'll forbid it. We disallowing rioting such as "BAN PLAYER ... !" or "FIRE STAFF MEMBER ... !" This will result in an instant temporarely mute.
    Offence category: Low offence

    Inappropriate skins
    In Minecraft, a player can choose any skin they want. There is no restriction on this. We, however, don't want to see any inappropriate skins. This can include: Sexism (nudity), racism or terrorism. When we catch you using an inappropriate skin, you will be banned without warning until the skin is changed to something better.
    Offence category: Low offence

    Inappropriate usernames
    Minecraft is a game about freedom. People can choose any username when they purchase the game. This doesn't mean we agree with this. Any username that we consider inappropriate is not allowed. Usernames such as "CancerPatient", "HitlerFan" or "MemberOfKKK" are considered inappropriate. You will be banned until the name is changed. In case of our forums, you will be permanently banned and you will have to create a new account (does not count as ban evading).
    Offence category: Medium offence

    Inappropriate links / content
    Posting links (URLs) that can be considered harmful or inappropriate is not permitted. These links include, but are not limited to; aggressive advertising sites, pornography or screamers. You will usually be temporarily muted or banned without warning.
    Offence category: Medium offence

    Exploiting / glitching
    Dyescape has put a lot of work into creates the games that we offer. We create games inside of games. Chances are we made a mistake somewhere that can be exploited to gain an unfair advantage or to simply cheat in a certain way. When you find a bug, we ask you to report it here. If we catch you exploiting any bug, you will be instantly temporarily banned. If this bug was used to gain an unfair advantage or used to cheat in any way, we will reverse the effects of the exploit without warning.
    Offence category: Medium offence

    Abusive / extremely bad behaviour
    Abusive talk or extremely bad behaviour towards another member of our community is not allowed. This can include sentences such as "I hope you die.", "Kill yourself." or "Autistic retard." This is considered abusive / extremely bad behaviour and you will be instantly temporarily banned for this.
    Offence category: Medium offence

    Medium advertising
    Clearly promoting another Minecraft server using ou network is considered medium advertising. Messages such as "Join my Minecraft server! IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" is considered medium advertising as it directly affects our server. You will be temporarily banned without warning. If you keep advertising, we will permanently ban you instead.
    Offence category: Medium offence

    Impersonating means you pretend to be someone else. You could impersonate a staff member, YouTuber, or simply another player. We do not allow this on any of our platforms; in-game, forums or chat services. When we catch you impersonating someone, you will instantly temporarily be banned from our network.
    Offence category: Medium offence

    Joining our network with two accounts and performing certain actions on the 2nd account to gain stats is considered boosting. This is not allowed. When we catch you boosting, we will instantly temporarily ban both accounts and we will reverse the stats gained from boosting.
    Offence category: Medium offence

    Spawn killing
    Our network offers a wide open world to explore. When a player clearly seems to kill players repeatedly near a spawn area, we may choose to temporarily ban this player. Spawn killing takes away the fun of the game for many players. Killing a lot of players in-game is allowed, but when it is considered spawn-killing, we forbid it. We will usually give the player a warning first to let the player know it is considered spawn killing. If the player ignores our warning, a temporary ban is given.
    Offence category: Medium offence

    Strong advertising
    Advertising on our server with a group of people or bots is considered strong advertising. When using a group of people or bots, we don't care what you advertise. This way of advertising will get you instantly, most likely permanently banned from our network. All people/bots who participated in the advertisement will be banned without exception.
    Offence category: High offence

    Threating players
    Threating a player or staff member is strictly forbidden. Threating anyone with harmful actions will result in an instant, permanent ban from our network. Threats can include violent actions, D.D.o.S. attacks or any other form of hacking. Leaking private information about a player is also considered threating. Private information may include home address, IP address, or anything personal related to the player.
    Offence category: High offence

    The above rules apply to everything we offer. From our forums to our in-game servers or even chat services we host. The rules above are merely used as a guideline. When we catch a player doing something unacceptable, we will punish the player, even if the rule is not necessarily listed above. We do, however, strive to keep the above guidelines as updated and as expanded as possible. If you feel like any rules are missing, please add a suggestion here. If any rules are changed, a reply will be added to this thread containing information about the changed rule.

    Account responsibility
    Everyone is responsible for their own account. If you lend your account to a friend or family and it ends up getting banned for breaking rules, then we hold you responsible. Excuses about friends or family using your account will not be taken seriously. Keep your account to yourself.
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