Fealty to the Queen

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    Surrounded by three of her Missives, the purple robed queen stared at the pitiful peasant before her. “I asked you a question, scrap...”

    “Yes my queen. I am merely thinking,” replied the dirty peasant.

    “Do you pledge your fealty to me?” asked the queen.

    “Yes… Yes I do,” replied the peasant.

    “Then show me your commitment,” said the queen.

    The queen nodded to one of her Missives. The Missive drew a knife from her belt and stepped in front of peasant. Holding it out, palm up, the Missive waited. After a moment of silence, the peasant reached out her hand and grabbed the knife.

    Pointing the knife at her heart, the peasant knelt. “To my queen, and my queen alone, I pledge my life, my death, my soul.” As she finished, the peasant plunged the knife deep into her heart. Blood ran freely down her stained blouse as she pulled the knife from her chest.

    Moments later, as her body lay cooling in a puddle of crimson, the peasant reappeared, kneeling before her queen again. “In death I serve you. In death, I am your child.”

    The queen looked down with a smile on her face. “I declare you a Missive of the Queen.”
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    The peasant got stabbed, not the queen correct?
  3. HittmanA


    Yes, that is correct.

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