Hey guys I'm Droei!

Discussion in 'New members' started by Droei, May 31, 2017.

  1. Droei

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    Hey guys I'm Droei!

    So you may know me for being the first helper on Dyescape.
    I used to play on dyescape for more than years before this dyescape 2.0!
    So may real name is Daan.
    I love playing soccer and used to do sports school but I'm going to change to welding!

    I have a small YouTube channel but I'm dreaming about creating an huge and amazing YouTube community!

    I got my own bukkit list for Dyescape for wat I want to reach in dyescape:
    1) I want to be leader of 1 of the top 5 guilds
    2) I want to become head helper or responsible for the YouTubers (or both sounds amazing to )

    So that is everything I have to say right now!
    I hope to see many more people who tell something about themselves!

    Have a nice day guys!
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  2. MrReakks

    MrReakks MVP+

    A welder huh? Nice job that is!

    And Hi!. I'm MrReakks also named Rick.
    I hope i will become your ally on Dyescape!

    Rick // MrReakks
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  3. CaptainAlexei

    CaptainAlexei Moderator Moderator

    Welcome droei xD
  4. BoemUrDead

    BoemUrDead MVP+

    I lov u dude <3 xD
  5. S_Weel

    S_Weel Designer Designer MVP

    I hope to see you again on Dyescape 2.o :)
  6. BoemUrDead

    BoemUrDead MVP+

    And i hope to see u to @S_Weel o_O

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