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    Dyescape has limited spots available for the alpha. We'd kindly ask
    everyone who wants to participate to request a spot here.

    To reserve a spot in the alpha launch, please create a new thread
    in this forum section with the form below filled in. We need some
    very basic information of each joining player to make sure the alpha
    goes smoothly.

    After you've created a thread, a Dyescape leading staff member will
    reply to it as soon as possible. A tag will be added to your submission
    to indicate the result of the request. These tags can either be Accepted
    or Rejected. Note that you can not see other people's applications.
    Everyone can only see their own except for staff.

    Please use the form below when submitting a request.
    In-game name:



    How did you find out about Dyescape:

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