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Suggestion Land Ownership

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by Crown7, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. Crown7

    Crown7 Duke

    I shortly suggest it in general yesterday and I saw similar concepts in suggestions however, let me explain whole concept in details:

    My idea is similar to plugin called AreaShop, it allows players to buy / rent regions (using WorldGuard) established by admins. It might be house in the center of the city or stall by the road, owning that region will allow players to build there and use it as they need. Best thing of all was fact that once rent expires or player sells region, it gets back to default as it was before player changed it. Also allows use of schematics.

    Example video (Tutorial)

    Worth to watch to see it in action

    This idea can be further expanded and lot of ideas come to play here:

    Players can own natural towns
    Players would be able to buy whole land city is built on, gaining ownership over every region under that region. That would allow players to play sort of towny system where they can change prices of regions and make a profit from players renting houses and shops in that town, further extending economy.

    Possibly, smartest idea with this would be only allow to "rent" towns region for 30 days for example. That will make sure that players won't stop playing in order to maintain control over that town. Every town would be owned by system in default, system gets ownership rights back when rent expires while payed rents in that town would stay the same. Also probably disable modifications to default town, from aesthetic reasons also to prevent players from stacking bunch of crap around the town. Town Mayors also won't be allowed to modify regions that are already rented/bought by players in that town to prevent griefing.

    Prepared land stakes
    I think it would be exciting if players could also own empty land that they can fill up for themselves. Prepared regions in wildness, far from game objectives to not interfere with others doing quests and other things. It will also increase exploration element in game so you will walk around parts of the map that are not part of the quests and otherwise have no reasons to go there. However, that comes with many risks and aesthetics problems. Ranks may also have some land assigned to them or choose certain size with discount.
    Agreeing with @KabbyDankGod's points and reasons behind, it's not an option

    Specialized buildings / areas
    Owning specialized building can provide passive bonuses or contain specific action with adequate bonuses. Like owning blacksmith's workshop will increase your chance to smelt more ingots from ores smelted in furnace inside blacksmith's workshop. It can also provide bonuses for other players like being able to repair equipment there for fee owner sets. Farm houses increases crop rate, etc.

    ... other ideas....

    It comes with lot of work and cases that have to be taken in to consideration when creating features like this to protect players from themselves by restricting their actions, although on the other hand giving them freedom doing something unique.

    Feel free to give more ideas and discuss them in comments!
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  2. KabbyDankGod

    KabbyDankGod Wiki Team Wiki Team Baron

    Not gonna leave a massive reply since I've already done so in the previous land claming suggestion ( https://www.dyescape.com/threads/claiming-territories.645/ )

    I see a lot of big no no's in this post

    1. Players shouldnt be allowed to build since there is super obvious risks to this, should be self explamatory

    2. There shouldnt be any areas that have no purpose. This is what Aeky has communicated to us.

    3. Buying cities and high traffick areas would cause a lot of drama since this could easily be monopolized, plus since there is gonna be multiple servers it would either very devalue or value them depending on if theyre cross server.

    To make a few things clear, Im not against player housing as long as its instanced. You could implement a system similar to New World where the top person who owns the house would "own" the house and it would be visible to other people but other people could still live in that same house.

    And land clamation on the guild side should be okay due to their limited nature. For more on that, see the post I linked.
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  3. MrStefan

    MrStefan Duke

    Expanding this idea with areas that people can fight over would also be interesting, but instead of shops I would say farms.

    To make this as fair as possible it will only give the owner of the land a few bonuses for a limited time like increased (rare) drops and after the time expires the land will become neutral again. To make sure farms don't switch owners too much there is a small period the farm is not claimable by other people.

    The farms will always be usable to everyone, and when the owner uses his own land he gains bonuses from it.
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  4. Crown7

    Crown7 Duke

    Agree, that can bring lot of unnecessary complications

    Monopolized by Guilds most probably, assuming that running town will be expensive enough so if players won't buy/rent properties, town might not be self-sufficient enough to make profit out of it. Different story would be if guild was willing to sink their resources only to maintain claim on the town (for whatever reason). But yeah, there will be multiple servers, it might cause issues in the future, so instanced houses/buildings are more adequate.
  5. Aekalix

    Aekalix Frontend & Content Manager Manager

    Please continue this thread as we can use it as inspiration. However, this one is outside the scope of alpha. Thus, it will not receive a conclusive decision from me until beta.

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