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    Dear Prof. Blumenkrantz,

    It’s been a while, old friend. I wish I were writing on a more pleasant subject, but my duty is my duty. There has been another shift in the Mana field. Last night, my equipment detected a massive spike in Mana energy, after which the field shifted several degrees from the nominal plane.

    Something seems to have knocked the Seeds out of their previous alignment for the first time in centuries. I fear… something… has happened. Whether it is terrible or terrific I am unsure.

    I have written to ask my niece in Clemens to speak with the old mages. Maybe they experienced the same shift, or maybe it's a localized event. Either way, meet me in Tavetan and we can discuss all the facts. This could be the discovery of a lifetime!

    Your good friend,

    Professor Alhienz
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