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    I don't know if you count this as a book but I've caught up in the nanatsu no taizai manga. :kappa:
    What's your opinion on the manga?
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    I haven't read that manga, nor have I really read any manga other than the Angel Beats one. It's interesting and I'd highly recommend that one to anyone who liked the anime addoptation.
  3. Denian


    Technically it's not Manga, but I do recommend Tower of God. I've been waiting for the weekly chapter update, in which they are thankfully very consistent in, for over a few years now. Started reading it shortly after the first timeskip.

    It's a high action with HUGE world and very in-depth character building and crazy storyline.

    Even after all these years the main character just only managed to give another dude a small cut, and this dude had one of his hand tied behind his back and didn't even draw out all of his power. And oh, there's a lot more stronger people than this dude! So there is also still a lot of growth potential in this story.

    It's a Korean webtoon and since a few weeks they adapted it into a Japanese anime also, I saw the first few episodes and noted they left some things out, but if you don't wanna read 480+ chapters and just wanna watch, you can pick up on that instead.

    Link to webtoon:

    And oh, it's colourised :) the art gets better later on!
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