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Private Storage/Player-Owned Housing! (Storage System)

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by Sam, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. Sam

    Sam Baron

    Hello everyone!
    This is my suggestion, might be denied due to development and an entirely new system would be implemented.
    Oh well!​

    From reading previous suggestions, I had noticed that player/guild housing might be a feature that will be added to Dyescape. Due to this, I thought that I'd give off my suggestion. I am thinking somewhat around a bank, however with limited slots.
    After a certain amount of bank slots are reached, you can no longer add more items into your personal vault/storage. You can either obtain more slots through leveling, purchasing a house for extra limited slots, or purchasing a rank from the store.

    Basically, the private storage/player-owned house would be purchased through in-game gold that would either cost a one time fee, or cost weekly. More money can be added to the "contract" so it will auto-renew the fee. If the user fails to provide payment for the player-owned house, than the house will go up for sale and all contents inside would be claimable once the house is purchased again.

    Accessing your House
    Accessing the house could either range from...
    • a friend system,
    • "/house adduser <username>" concept,
    • a 6-digit pin.
    Banking in your player-owned house would be another private method of storing your valuable goods you get from creatures. Varying from armor, weapons, potions, to even mob drops. In your purchasable house, there is a set amount of space that the house is advertised with. The smaller the houses, the smaller the storage.
    • Small Sheds, 4x4 Space, 2 stories, x8 Storage Slots
    • Basement of Mill, 6x6 Space, x16 Storage Slots
    • Apartment Rooms, 8x8 Space, x32 Storage Slots
    The location of these purchasable private-storage spaces/player-owned houses would be mainly found in towns. The starter town mainly to introduce the fact of private living containers to newer players to let them know it's a feature, and what they can work to get. Private-Storage spaces/player-owned houses can be found...
    • Cities
    • Towns
    • Outskirts of towns
    • Caves
    • Forests
    • Mountains, inside and on top
    • Fields
    The pricing of the private storage/player-owned housings would vary on the size of the house, the location, and the internal/external look. player-owned houses located in the city would cost more, while throughout the outskirts of towns it would cost a little less since the player would have to travel farther just to get to it. Housing in mines, and/or really far out would essentially be dirt cheap, thus giving the user the opportunity to still own a house if they're not rich.

    More Private Storage
    More storage inside the private houses CAN NOT be purchased. Users may not own multiple houses either. One house, per account. Users maybe able to purchase more storage at the public banks through different methods, however your personal player-owned house cannot have more storage than what is listed on the lease.

    Thanks for reading my goofy suggestion!
    Took me 1-2 hours to type out.

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  2. MrDienns

    MrDienns Lead Developer & Technology Manager Manager Developer

    The overall idea is quite nice and it's definitely something that's already been somewhat on our to-do list, but it hasn't been completely thought out yet by us. It's always good discussing these kind of things way ahead.

    I like the overall suggestion, as storage space is bound to become an issue for players we need to solve. As explained in our Wikipedia here, the hotbar can only be used to equip a weapon, use your skills, scroll through the skills, open a mini map and open your character slot. This means that you cannot store any items in this hotbar (except for a weapon in the weapon slot). This already decreases the base inventory space by about 25%, so having a proper item storage solution would be great to have. So far we were thinking of adding a small bag to the players inventory, which can be opened by clicking the two lowest slots in your crafting inventory (the 2x2 square thing). This bag would be used to give the players a few more rows of inventory space, and it may even depend on level (while probably not more than 6 rows max).

    In addition, having a bank seems like a fine idea to me. It allows people to (probably temporarily) store their items without having any house. I don't see any issues or downsides to this, really.

    Player housing is not 100% thought out yet (especially when it comes to buying a house in a city), but one part regarding this in your suggestion is the only thing I personally don't like; players losing items when they lose their house. Getting items in an MMORPG can be extremely time consuming, especially if you're looking for that ultra rare Mythical item that has a terribly low drop chance or it's dropped by a super rare monster. Having to lose all of the items stored in an entire house (could be several full chest sized) sounds a little overkill and not too friendly to me. Of course, you're not suppose to lose your house, but losing your house is already a bummer, having to lose loads of items in it as an extra penalty is something I am personally against. We could just move the items from the house to a temporarily place where the player can pick them up, or have them shipped to his new house, or maybe we'll put up the items for auction, who knows. Of course I'd like to see what other people think about this.

    Overall the idea is fine and it's something we'll most likely implement anyway (at least in the direction of this suggestion), but it's something scheduled for beta right now.

    Many thanks for the suggestion, please let me know what you think about it.
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  3. Undvik

    Undvik Noble

    While I like the suggestion, I agree with @MrDienns about the problem with losing your items, I would also like to point out that even though the idea of buying houses in the cities/on the main world map, sound nice, I think the houses should be on a completely different realm, another world that isn't connected to the main map, because at least for me that could really sometimes just mess with the lore and the "feeling" of the MMORPG, if you understand what I mean, I would prefer to visit houses with NPCs in there that say random shit or maybe hints to quests that just add to the feel of the world, and having players live there, I dunno, I'm not a fan of it. ️
    Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, I'm glad to see more people that post and are active and I hope you'll have a grest time here :)
  4. Sam

    Sam Baron

    I agree,

    Looking back at the whole MMORPG aspect, earning these items would require grinding and lots of effort.
    I think the items should be moved to a collection box that can be claimed/opened using a command. In the collection box you can only take items from it. After so long, maybe a month or so, the items will be sent to an auction where users can bid/purchase them.

    I think once you go to "enter" the house, it should teleport you to another realm. Like a gateway.
    So I'd look like you're stepping on a tile to enter your house, but in reality it would teleport you inside your house in another realm. That way, you can have one "location/house" in the game be sold/re-purposed to multiple users.

    Let me know what you guys think!
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  5. Undvik

    Undvik Noble

    Hmmm that sounds like a really interesting implementation!

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