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    The “Entity”
    Researcher: Abbis Haub (Islayan), Division 3 Lead

    [Transcriber's Notes: This is a recorded conversation between lead researcher Abbis Haub and an unknown “Void Entity,” a being he theorizes to be native to the End.]

    Haub enters the chamber and takes a seat in front of a restraining device, which holds a shock trooper. Shock trooper is ‘possessed’ by Entity. Shock Trooper’s body spasms upon Haub’s entrance, but its eyes do not track her location, nor does any sensory organ show any sign of detection whatsoever.

    Haub: Hello. How is your new body?

    The possessed shock trooper stiffens, its muscles visibly twisting with effort. The shock trooper stays like this for five seconds, before suddenly and violently snapping back to a relaxed state. Its mouth opens, and it speaks in a voice unbefitting of its body.

    Entity: I am... hungry.

    Haub: What do you wish to eat?

    Entity: [sic.] Tsssisss not enough. I was once... more. Larger.

    Haub: What happened?

    Entity: Lost... myself.

    Haub: Did you once have a body?

    Entity: My body?

    Haub: Yes. Describe your body to me.

    Entity: Gone. Gone!

    The shock trooper struggles against its restraints, face lighting up in an anguished expression as muscles all over its body stretch beyond regular limits. Brain activity in the shock trooper registers extreme pain.

    Eventually, the tendons within the shock trooper tear, and it expires, releasing the Entity. Entity rushes for Doctor Haub, but is stopped by an Eira-disruption field surrounding the body. The field neutralizes the Entity, destroying it.

    [Conclusion: “Void Entities” are hostile, and must be contained at risk of the death of personnel and the destruction of equipment.
    To prevent such an event from occurring, High Administrator Diones has ordered Eira-disruption fields be installed in Labs 14, 21, 6, and 17 under Directive 25. Eira-disruption-equipped automated weaponry has been installed in the surrounding sectors of each, and along the main production line of Contingency Facility 05.

    Personnel working on or nearby Gate 03 are advised to maintain alert for any similar “Void Entities” attempting to exit the Gate. Report any sightings or evidence of such events to the ConFac Administrator immediately.
    Additionally, all personnel near Gate 03 are ordered to disregard any "voices" that may be heard emanating from either the Gate or the nearby region. The source of this voice has not yet been determined.]

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