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    If you want to apply for staff you will need to fill out this form and
    submit it by creating a new thread in this forum section.
    A staff member will reply here with the result of the apply.
    1. Basic Information
    Minecraft username:
    Age (You must be over 16 to apply!):
    Where you do live (country):
    What languages do you (fluently) speak:
    Do you have access to a microphone and Discord:

    2. How much free time to you have?

    3. Have you ever been banned on other servers?

    4. What do you hope to accomplish if you become a staff member?

    5. How would your friends describe you?

    6. What are your hobbies?

    7. If applicable, what are (or plan on) you studying?

    8. What is your dream job?

    9. What is your experience with being a staff member?

    Below we will describe five scenarios that may occur when you are a staff member. Please answer them honestly with how you would respond in these scenarios.

    Scenario 1:

    You're a moderator and a player challenged you to a PvP battle. You win. The player starts complaining about you using cheats and/or you abusing your moderator power. You tell the player this is not the case since you are a respectable staff member, but the player refuses to listen and keeps continuing his actions. What do you do?

    Scenario 2:
    Let's say you're a helper on Dyescape. You will probably appreciate your position and you may feel lucky for being part of the team. However, not everyone may be this lucky and some players may become extremely jealous. One specific member becomes so jealous that he starts to threaten you and/or Dyescape with illegal activities such as D.D.O.S. attacks or any other form of hack. What do you do?

    Scenario 3:
    Dyescape is entering a busy time and we must all work as hard as possible to keep up with our tasks. You completely forgot that you would go on a 2 week vacation tomorrow morning and you did not notify any team leaders. It's 23:00 at night. What do you do?

    Scenario 4:
    You're a helper and you've entered a server with lots of people that need your help. You're bombed with questions and you can't really keep up. What do you do?

    Scenario 5:
    You're a moderator and you want to punish a player for something he did. However, what he did is not covered in our rules. What the player did was definitely worth a punishment in your eyes. What do you do?

    Anything else we should know?

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