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    We have several roles in our community. Below is a list of the staff roles one may encounter.

    @Manager — Managers are the core members of Dyescape having the greatest responsibility in keeping its goals and values. We currently have three different managers, each one having their own respective role within the network.

    @Administrator — Administrators are the ones who you can directly contact when having issues in-game or on our forums. Administrators are not responsible for development, only keeping it running after it has been developed.

    @Developer — People with a developer rank are directly involved with the coding and infrastructure of Dyescape. Developers do not have access to live running environments and can therefore not help you with any in-game issues. For technical issues within our game or on our forums, you can request help from an Administrator instead.

    @Content — They are in charge of the game design in which their core responsibility is to come up with game concepts, ideas, features, quests, dungeons, lore, etc… which will be added in game. Game-related positions like lore/story writers, quest writers, skill makers, gameplay designers, etc... are all under this role. If you have game suggestions they are the one you should contact with.

    @Moderator — Keeping general order is the task of a moderator. If you experience issues with a user, a moderator will be the person to contact. Moderators will be, as much as possible, monitoring the Minecraft server, forums and Discord server whenever possible. If there is no moderator present during a conflict, you can report a user using the forums. We do not, and will never have an in-game reporting system.

    @Helper — Helpers are people that can solve minor problems for people, such as answering simple questions, redirecting certain things to the respective role. Helpers are not meant to help you with in-game tasks, such as killing monsters, completing quests, or finding your way in a dungeon.

    Front-End Team
    @Aekalix is the front-end manager. He's responsible for everything the user sees in-game. This involves building and terraforming.

    Content and Gameplay Team
    @Aekalix is the current content and gameplay manager. He's the one that takes care of all of the content you experience in-game such as quests, items, skills, etc... but also map design are part of his job.

    Back-End Team
    @MrDienns is the back-end manager. Responsible for coding plugins, keeping servers online and keeping everything secure. Everything regarding tech is his expertise.

    Full list of active staff members:

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