The Allseer

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    She who stalks the End, the Queen of Dread, the Shadow Behind Every Mask, the All Seer.

    The malevolent entity of the Last World has had many names. Though taking the form of a female human, the All Seer is far more powerful than any mortal could ever aspire to be. With powers that extend far beyond the four perceptible dimensions, her very presence is largely incomprehensible to mortal man, twisting itself into reality through unknown dimensions and realms guided by strange and unintelligable laws.

    Some believe her to be a demon, sent by the deities they worship to punish them for their misdeeds. Others speculate that she is but a manifestation of some yet undiscovered raw force of nature, the chaos and destruction lying in her wake simply part of the natural order. There are even tales of life and death - she brings salvation, they say, or rebirth, through the erasure of all that existed, exists and will exist. Such are the fantastical theories borne out of centuries of fear and superstition, but the truth - the truth is far more fantastical than any of these.
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