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Discussion in 'New members' started by fiskbowl, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. fiskbowl



    I'm Fisk, also known as Fiskbowl, and I'm a growing YouTuber/streamer with a passion for Minecraft and a love of all things fantasy. I'd plug my socials, but I'm not that kind of person lmao.

    I'm really excited for the launch of Dyescpae because it looks like such a unique and interesting server that has a lot of time and effort poured into it. I found Dyescape through the MC Market forums and I'm kind of annoyed I didn't find it sooner. Either way, I'm here now and I'm sticking around for good to annoy you all :).
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  2. KabbyDankGod

    KabbyDankGod Content team Content team Wiki Team Baron

    Welcome to Dyescape Fisk!

    Remember to join our Discord as that's where we the community is most active and that's where daily/weekly development updates are put. Also, remember to sign up to the alpha asap, but be aware that the alpha will have a strict no streaming/recording policy.
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  3. Perotin

    Perotin Moderator Moderator Duke

    Welcome to the community!

    Happy you joined, even though you didn't find it sooner, you still are relatively 'early' as alpha has not happened yet! So don't worry!
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  4. fiskbowl


    Yep, joined the Discord and I promise I won't record anything lmao.

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  5. Euvrounin

    Euvrounin Content team, Moderator Content team Moderator

    Welcome ..
    Hoping to watch some of your Dyescape videos soon :p
  6. MrDienns

    MrDienns Lead Developer & Technology Manager Manager Developer

    After alpha that is (or unless explicitly given permission) as pointed out by Kabby.

    Welcome though! Looking forward to seeing you on the server once it opens.

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