The Mirror Sphere

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    The Mirror Sphere

    The Absolute Reflection of Mana, or the purely physical, the Mirror Sphere is a world near-completely devoid of life, instead composed of matter of all kinds. This matter is in continuous flux as the Mirror Sphere’s Mana currents break and buffet through metaphysical space. As the name implies, the entire Reflection is separated into two identical parts, the Upper and Lower Sphere. Through this a kilometer-wide gap, known as the Equatorial Fault, runs the only airspace in the Reflection, the rest of its immeasurable girth packed to the brim with solid matter.

    The matter of the Mirror Sphere is not without function, the raw Mana instead latching onto Concepts present in other Reflections, and forming into lifeless copies of such Concepts. All the matter in the multiverse is copied within the Mirror Sphere, one copy in each half. Collectively, this matter is crushed into what could only be described as an ocean of random objects constantly being created and promptly destroyed by the intense pressure. Thanks to the dual nature of the Sphere, two such ‘oceans’ exist, each perfectly mirrored across the Equatorial Fault.
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