The Origins of Kain

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    Excerpt From the Historial Legends of Eturia :

    The Origins of Kain
    A long time ago, before even the Six Nations established, a Kingdom existed alone on an Island surrounded by the Ocean. The Land was rich and fertile, and the Seas plentiful; with such natural wealth, the People flourished, under the rule of Their King, a kind and just man.

    The King's Castle was built on the peak of the highest Mountain on the Island. From the tallest tower, the King could gaze upon all His Land and His People, to guide Them and protect Them from harm.

    It was from this tower that the King first saw the Ship on the Horizon - a proud vessel strong and wide, with sails of gleaming white. The King bade His Servants to prepare for Guests, but the Ship never approached the Shore - it lingered for a day, then vanished as Night fell.

    That Night, there was a terrible Storm, unlike any the Kingdom had seen in many years. The Wind howled as though it were a Demon, and the Raindrops fell as though they were pebbles- all the buildings that were not made from Stone, or protected by its surroundings, were Destroyed.

    When the Sun again rose the next Morning, the King saw the Devestation, and was worried for His People. Though He wished to help His People rebuild, He could not, for the Storm persisted and showed no sign of clearing.

    On the Third Day of the Storm, a Man washed ashore, victim of a shipwreck. He claimed to be from the Ship that had been on the Horizon, and so the People brought the Man to Their King, who welcomed the Man into the Castle.

    On the Fourth Day, when the Storm still raged on, the Man, who had recovered overnight, went to the King and professed to know how to Calm the Skies, for the Man was a Mage, and the Storm was Magical in origin. The King had no reason to believe the Mage, but also no other options, for His People were Suffering, Their homes destroyed, Their crops drowning, and so the King agreed to do as the Mage bade.

    The Mage had all the Servants seach the Castle for any furniture or furnitions that could be set aflame, from the chairs in the dining hall to the drapes in the King's study. When a great pile was collected, the Mage had it brought up to the highest tower, and set it aflame, a great Bonfire that would not be put out even by the Storm.

    The Bonfire was the first step in the Magic being cast by the Mage. Using forces that were beyond the comprehension of the ordinary Mortal Man, a Great Summoning was attempted - one that shook the Skies and trembled the Earth.

    From the Heavens a Great Dragon emerged, dipping beneath the black, rolling clouds, posessing scales of the darkest black, and eyes that gleamed like Diamonds in the Sun. The Mage called to the Dragon, and the Dragon answered, soaring back into the Storm.

    For the rest of the Day, and the entire following Night, Lightning flashed across the Skies, and Thunder boomed like the Drums of War. The People grew Afraid, but the King remained Stoic, and the Mage stood as Still as a Statue.

    When the Fifth Morning came to pass, the People came out of Their shelters to find that the Storm had vanished and the Dragon was nowhere to be seen. So great was Their relief, and so thankful was the King, that a Feast was thrown in honour of the Mage, during which the Mage was announced as the King's personal Advisor, who went by the name of Kain.

    For many Years did Kain serve the King and the Kingdom as the resident Mage, giving advice of a Magical Nature to all that desired it. He was thought to be Wise and Powerful, but the People and the King trusted the Mage to guide Them.

    Then came a Time when the King grew old and Grey. His Two Sons had become Adults, and the Eldest was ready to Ascend the Throne. On the Evening before the Ceremony of Coronation, Kain went before the King.

    Kain bade the King to stay the Coronation, for the Mage had seen Events that would come to pass. Kain claimed that the rule of the Eldest Son would be filled with Hardship and Suffering, and that the People would come to Harm.

    The King wanted what was best for His People, and for His Son, so the King asked Kain how those Events could be prevented. Kain had expected the question, and told the King of a Great Treasure that lay beneath the Castle, buried somewhere in the Mountain.

    So Kain bade the King to Find the Treasure, and attach it to the Crown that was to be used in the Ceremony of Coronation, so that the rule of the Eldest Son may be as prosperous as that of His Father. The King listened, and understood what was required, ordering that the search would begin immediately.

    For the next Four and Twenty Weeks, the best Miners and Engineers of the Kingdom tunnelled into the Mountain in search of the Treasure. They were guided by Kain, the Mage, who said that He could sense the correct Way, but not clearly enough, and so He was unavoidably often wrong.

    On the Third Day of the Fifth and Twenty week, a great Commotion occured in the Tunnels, for the Workers had broken through the wall of a Great City that had been hidden Underground. At the Center of this City, stood a Large Temple; at the Center of the Large Temple, stood a Vast Dais; on the Center of the Vast Dais, stood a Gleaming Gem that was the Treasure.

    A Worker tried to take the Gleaming Gem, but as soon as the Worker's Hands touched the surface of the Gem, He grew stiff, His eyes gazing upon Something that the Others could not see. His Companions tried to rouse Him, but They could not, and after enough time to burn Two Candles, the Worker died.

    The King was sorrowful that He had lost an Innocent Man, but the King still needed the Gleaming Gem for the Crown of His Eldest Son. The King asked Kain the Mage for advice.

    Kain looked at the Gem for Two Days and Two Nights, before He understood enough to go before the King. The Gleaming Gem contained Power, too much Power for the ordinary, mortal Man, but Kain was neither ordinary nor mortal (though he was a Man).

    So the King asked Kain to take the Gem, and Kain did, resting both of His Hands upon the surface. Like the Worker, Kain grew stiff and unmoving, His eyes seeing Things that Others could not.

    But after Two Candles had burnt, Kain did not die, for He was still Standing before the Gem. When the Fifth Candle was about to burn out, Kain came out of His Trance.

    The Workers were glad to see that Kain had not been Killed by the Power, for He had the Gleaming Gem in His Hand, and so He could attach the Gem to the Crown ensuring that the rule of the Eldest Son would be prosperous. They did not know that Kain had changed His Mind on seeing the Power of the Gem, and had decided not to help the King.

    Kain asked the Workers that had accompanied Him to join Him, promising Them a portion of His Power. A few agreed; those that did not agree were killed.

    Kain did not realise that one Young Man had not been killed, for the Young Man's Father had seen that something was wrong, and bade His Son to hide away. The Young Man escaped the Great City, went back through the tunnels, and warned the King.|

    The King did not want to believe that Kain the Mage had betrayed Him and the Nation, but the King was not a Foolish Man that would take no precautions. Soldiers were sent into the tunnels to find Kain and learn the Truth but Kain had already begun His Attack on the Castle from below.

    The Workers that had stayed with Kain were transformed by the Mage into Powerful Monsters, able to tear a grown Man apart with their bare hands. Each worker led a small army of lesser Creatures that attacked the Soldiers the King had sent, forcing Them to retreat.

    The King's Men were Strong and Well-Trained, but They could not contain the Enemy. Every Man that was slain by Kain's Army was Transformed, so that Kain only grew stronger with every Battle and every Death.

    The King was forced to abandon His Castle that overlooked His Lands and His People, but the fighting continued. From the Castle which Kain now had under His Control, Monsters poured forth like the Rain from the Heavens, destroying and Transforming everything in Their Path.

    The King knew that He had Lost, and that all His People were going to Suffer. The King's own Two Sons had been Killed, and now Served Kain as the Mage's Generals.

    But the King had watched and studied Kain for many years, and so knew a little bit about Magic, enough to cast a Single Spell, one that had been Forbidden because of the Cost. So the King waited, until He knew that defeat was Inevitable, until He could not bear to watch His People suffer any longer as They were Transformed into Monsters - that is when He looked into Kain's eyes as the Mage stood before the King, ready to kill Him, and the King cast the Spell.

    The Spell required all the Lives of all the Living Creatures in the area, so when the King cast the Spell, all of His People that had not died, all of His People that had not been Transformed, were Killed. To the King, Death was better than letting His People be used.

    The Spell destroyed the Gleaming Gem, and trapped Kain into the largest of the Gem's shards. Without the Power of Kain, the Mage's Army was Broken, and They cursed so that They may never Cross a Body of Water.

    Unable to leave the Kingdom which was on an Island and unable to release Kain from His Crystal Prison, Kain's Army was Forced to Return to the Great City, where They placed the Gleaming Gem Shard back in the Temple. They were Immortal, and so They could wait for the day when Kain could be released upon the World once again.
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