The Reflections of Ysdaar and the Silent Graves

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    The Reflections of Ysdaar
    Where there was once Nothing, The Sundering created all. Some call this the “creation of the World”, through this is a flawed notion. Prior to The Sundering, the Concept of “the World” did not exist. What the Sundering created was not “the World”, but rather Creation without logic, without form or intent. It was these Creations that form the basis for what most refer to as “the World”, but “the World” is certainly not an all-encompassing term. There were other “Worlds” out there, created before, during and after “the World”, before time had any meaning.

    Perhaps due to their origins as Concepts, or because of some other factor, these “Worlds” or “Realms” share many similarities. It is for this reason that Islayan Scholars have hypothesised that these worlds are all flawed imitations of an “original”, “Perfect World”. To this unseen Perfect World, they gave the name Ysdaar, meaning The Seed in their language – a paradise from which all other Worlds branch, much like a tree does from its seed.

    Of these other Worlds, the Islayans considered the following categorisation: the worlds that possessed little Conceptual power, trace amounts of Mana and Eira, the worlds that possessed large amounts Conceptual power, infused with Mana and Eira, and the worlds that were cold, empty and dead.

    Of the first, only one example exists – the Islayan homeworld, in which the Continent of Eturia resides, bearing the name Yulium. It is a world where reality is stagnant and change is slow. The precise reason for this lack of Conceptual power has never been discovered, though various flawed theories exist. Certainly, no other world has been observed as having such a deficiency.

    Of the second, worlds that possess large amounts of Conceptual power and infused with both Mana and Eira, the Islayans have visited and recorded two: the Mirror Sphere, a world of absolutes, reflected against itself like the two sides of a coin, and the Orchid Plains, a deceptively beautiful land of rolling hills and colourful flowers.

    Of the last, colloquially known as the Worlds of the Dead, seven have been hypothesized by Magical Theoreticians, but only three have been identified: the Silent Graves, a realm of endless tombs, the Shattered Dreams, a world of floating islands and ancient ruins, and the Empty Sea, a vast, lifeless ocean. Though visually distinct, the three share many common traits, most notably the lack of sentient life.

    The Silent Graves

    One of the worlds known by the Ancient Islayans as Worlds of the Dead, the Silent Graves is a vast, dark realm of crumbling tombstones. The Islayans suspected that all Reflections of Ysdaar were intrinsically and inexplicably linked to the world of Yulium, and that their interactions with Yulium were part of a greater, complex cycle incomprehensible to mortals. This included the Silent Graves, which was believed to be the resting place of the Damned, where those who have passed from life but could not reach death were held against their will for all eternity.

    The most powerful entity in the Silent Graves is the mysterious being known only as the “Gravekeeper”. The Gravekeeper’s physical form has never been seen, and though the Ancient Islayans have attempted to establish some form of communication, they have never been successful. Nonetheless, the Gravekeeper is no myth. There are countless tales of foolhardy men and women seeking to strike a deal and resurrect the dead – and just as many stories of those same men and women inevitably joining the Damned.
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