0.1.0 - Initial pre-alpha release

Apr 14, 2019
0.1.0 - Initial pre-alpha release
  • Dyescape Alpha

    0.1.0 - Initial pre-Alpha release

    The 0.1.0 initial pre-Alpha release is the very first release (yet to be released) of Dyescape. It is relatively limited in terms of features compared to what we have scheduled in future releases. The goal of this release is mainly to test the very first features we've managed to create. We also need to test out or content implementations, and perhaps do some balancing patches on them. We'd love to get feedback from the community on things we can improve, change or things we simply did really good. As this is the very first release, you may experience some bugs here and there. Please report those bugs to the team as described here.

    Available features:
    Below is a high level list of the functionalities that Dyescape has implemented at the initial very first release of our Alpha.
    • Characters
      • Allows you to create a set of characters, which you can choose to play with after joining the server. Characters can be a specific class, gain EXP and level up, have Items, unlock and use skills, earn Money and use instant/active effects. You can swap between these characters at any given moment.
    • Creatures
      • Responsible for filling the world with Creatures, such as friendly animals or angry monsters. It will keep the world filled with monsters, and it will make sure that all monsters stay near their respective spawn location. Monsters that are killed will result in an EXP reward as well as a potential item drop.
    • Travelling
      • The travelling setup allows you to discover areas and fast travel between bigger locations, such as cities. Fast travelling itself will not be used at the initial release due to the size of the map that will be available. You will still be able to discover regions. Discovering of regions will become a bit more useful later on as it can be integrated into a map or compass.
    • Treasures
      • Allows the random spawning of treasure chests around the world. These chests will contain loot which can be looted by any player that is lucky enough to find a treasure chest. After a chest is looted, it will disappear and a new one will spawn at a random location.
    • NPCs
      • The NPC setup allows us to spawn NPCs all around the map. Every NPC can have its own purpose. Some NPCs will purely be there to talk to, while others could run a shop or give you a quest. The responsibilities of NPCs is dynamic and can thus change over time. For example, there could be a certain NPC that will only trade with people he trusts. He would then first give you a set of Quests and will then unlock his shop to you where you can trade with him.
    • Shops
      • Our shops setup allows you to trade with NPCs in the game. You can buy or sell Items to them. Every shop will have a certain interest and financial state. These interests and state will affect the prices of the shop. An NPC will change its buy and sell prices depending on whether he is interested in the item currently being looked at. The financial state of an NPC, which is static, will do another final change on the offered price.
    • Chat
      • The chat mechanism allows you to interactively chat with entities around the world. Interactively meaning that it allows you to scroll and choose from a set of reply options, allowing you to properly have a conversation with the NPC. Different reply options may result in different situations, such as a quest being offered or the NPC disliking you.
    • Quests
      • Quests are tasks given to you that you can complete. Usually given by NPCs, a quest will involve a specific task that needs to be completed and will often result in a reward of variable type. Some Quests are long, some are short. Sometimes they are even spread over different parts. Quest rewards may involve, but are not limitd to: Items, EXP, reputation, Money or simply a new quest.
    • Phasing
      • A special mechanism developed to give you an isolated state when you deserve it. Imagine a quest objective, which states that you must kill all monsters in a specific cave. It would be quite conflicting when several different players try to do this quest at the exact same time. With phasing, we can create entity and block isolations which allows you to be fully isolated from others and be on your own. This will massively improve the overall feel of the game in specific scenarios where you need a bit of isolation.
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