About Dyescape

Aug 22, 2021
About Dyescape
  • About Dyescape

    Where Adventures Begin

    What is Dyescape?
    Started off development in 2017 and a first release coming soon, Dyescape is now becoming the largest (upcoming) MMORPG Minecraft server in the world. Featuring one of the largest pre-made maps ever made, custom Creatures, Items, Quests, dungeons, skills, a unique character system, NPC shops, guilds and bosses. Provided to you by a dedicated team who put their heart and soul into this project every day, we strive to deliver you an almost endless adventure, a very friendly community and an experience like you've never had before in all of your Minecraft time.

    Our vision
    Minecraft is a game of freedom which goes beyond the game itself. There are almost no limits to what you can do in the game and we can make new games inside Minecraft itself. Some are simple, some are complex. This has brought Minecraft to its state that we currently all know and love. However, we at Dyescape have always felt like there is one genre in this game that deserved more love and attention; the MMORPG genre.

    We want to show people the beauty of Minecraft. We want to show people that with a bit of creativity, time and dedication, you can create something truly amazing. We wanted to show people that Minecraft can be more than just building, fighting with other players or playing minigames.

    We created a beautiful world one can spend months exploring. This in combination with our high technical expertise and creative content design, we created a server like no other before. Fighting to become one of the world's top, Dyescape plans to open a pre-Alpha soon where players get a chance of experiencing the game in an early and limited access period.

    Dyescape is the worlds largest MMORPG server ever created, meaning there's no lack of features for you to play with. When you join the server, you'll instantly be prompted to create a new character. Every player must create at least one character. A character is what you use to play the game with. It can be of a certain class, such as Knight, Warrior, Mage, Priest, or any other class we have to offer.

    As a player, you'll be able to find custom Items scattered across the world. Every item has its own unique stats & special effects, and there's plenty of Items to keep you busy for a while. Every class also has a set of skills that can be used, such as a Mage shooting an Arcane Bolt to damage its foes. These skills can be unlocked using an advanced skill tree and they can be equipped just how you want them to be.

    The world can also be a scary place, as monsters are lurking around every corner. Some are small, some are big. Some are strong, others are weak. Some are common, others are legendary or mythical. Be careful of the Creatures around you. If the monsters you find in the world aren't challenging enough, you can try your skills in one of the major dungeons. These dungeons are filled with extra strong monsters, better loot, and a boss to finish it off. These dungeons are for you, your party or guild alone; other players will not interfere with it.

    You can perfectly play with friends & family as you are given the ability to create a party and/or guild, which allows you to more easily play together in a more interactive way. Playing together using a party or guild may even unlock special areas, Items, Quests or dungeons, so be sure to invite all of your friends or make more friends on the server.
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