About the Wiki

Nov 26, 2019
About the Wiki
  • About the Wiki

    Introduction to the dyescape wiki

    Dyescape wiki is the official place for cataloging information on the Dyescape server and website. On the wiki, you can find general and relevant documentation about the server. This page is here to help you understand the basic premise of the wiki and what kind of content is posted on here.

    Contributing About Guidelines

    About the wiki |
    The Dyescape wiki is the official wiki for Dyescape. It is hosted by Dyescape for the Dyescape community to be a database for all things Dyescape related. The wiki is mostly made up of user contributions, and any user that has registered onto the official Dyescape website has access to create and edit wiki pages. This makes it so finding information About Dyescape is fast and easy, and if you see something that is incorrect, you’re able to correct it. If you see any content that is missing, you’re able to add it onto the wiki. That makes it so the information on the Dyescape wiki is always as up to date as possible.

    The wiki can and will contain spoilers. We cannot guarantee that every article has the proper spoiler warnings, so be careful when browsing the wiki if you don’t want to be spoiled.

    The wiki team |
    The wiki team is a branch of the content team, whose sole focus is updating and moderating the wiki by making sure all guidelines are followed. They have full control over the wiki and have access to edit locked articles. They help in posting important articles and formatting posts that need it.
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