Where Adventures Begin III - Historical

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Where Adventures Begin III

Where Adventures Begin III

Information about the MQL quest, "Where Adventures Begin III"

"Where Adventures Begin III" is the third quest you will encounter when playing Dyescape. This quest is a part of the MQL* and will gear you up.
Recommended Level: 3

Objective: “Speak to Nolan at the Blacksmith
Nolan wants to speak to Gerald.

Objective: "Speak to Gerald"
Gerald offers gear for purchase and offers free gear if a task is completed for him. He needs iron to be found.

Objective: "Speak to the Foreman"
The Foreman doesn't know where the shipment of iron is. However, he says it's first destination was the Graveyard.
View attachment 264 Coords: 302, 72, 634

Objective: "Find the missing cart"
The missing cart is in Clemens' Graveyard.

Objective: "Kill the Ore Golems (6)"
Six Ore Golems spawn in the area needing to be killed to secure the iron.

Objective: "Grab the iron from the crate"
Right-clicking the iron crate will pick the iron up. Nolan leaves to go do something else.

Objective: "Deliver the iron to Gerald"
Return to the Blacksmith to deliver the iron to Gerald. Gerald will repay the efforts with a choice of gear.

Objective: "Head Outside"
Walk outside the Blacksmith. Speak with Esther and Nolan.

Objective: "Head to Bed"
Back at Esther's home, head upstairs and rest. This quest is complete.

You're advancing through the MQL* and will begin "Where Adventures Begin IV".

MQL = Main Quest Line
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