Chat Mechanics

Mar 16, 2019
Chat Mechanics
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    Chat mechanics

    Dyescape offers an interactive in-game chat, which can be used in your day-to-day communication other players, but also towards NPCs. This page will give you some insight in how our interactive chat works, when it gets activated, what different features are and which different states of the chat there are. It will also explain you how an interactive NPC chat works in combination with an active player chat in the background.

    Interactive chat
    Dyescape wants our players to be able to communicate with NPCs in an interactive chat. Interactive meaning that you as player will be able to determine by yourself how you will talk to a certain NPC. What you say to an NPC may trigger a certain action, such as giving you a new quest, advancing or completing one. Your chat actions may influence how NPCs will treat you. The way the interactive chat menu works, is you initiate a conversation with an NPC by simply left-clicking on it.

    When the chat is initiated, you will be greeted by an openings sentence of the NPC. Displayed below this are the options that you can reply with to the NPC. The selected reply option will be highlighted through a simple arrow prefix. You can scroll through the available reply options by simply scrolling with your mouse wheel. To choose the selected option, simply right-click.

    After you've confirmed your reply, the NPC will receive it and will respond to it. This response can either be a simple collection of messages which eventually puts you back in the same reply option menu, or it will open up a new reply option menu where you can choose different reply options. For example, imagine the reply option "Do you like apples?" shows up. Clicking this option, the NPC will respond with you that he doesn't like apples. It could then open a new set of reply options again where you can ask him "Why don't you like apples?".


    Chat state swapping
    Naturally our interactive chat will not work very well if it's being interrupted continuously by an active player chat. We have prevented such conflicts by implementing a state swapping mechanism. This basically allows you to swap between the normal chat and an interactive NPC chat. While you are in your NPC chat, you will not receive any messages from other players or the server itself. This is done to not interrupt your NPC chat.

    However, all messages that you would normally receive while in your NPC chat are still received in the background, they are just hidden. When you exit your NPC chat, we interactively update your chat history and input all of the messages that you would have received in the meantime. With this mechanic, you won't have to worry about missing any messages from other players or important server messages while still allowing you to have an uninterrupted chat with an NPC.
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