Clemens Livestock

Aug 19, 2021
Clemens Livestock
  • Clemens Livestock

    Region Info

    Clemens Livestock
    Region information
    Level range: ???
    Type: Area
    Within: Clemens

    Clemens Livestock is an area located within the northeast outskirts of Clemens. This area consists of several animal farms, most notably pigs, cows, chickens, and a small stable for horses.

    Clemens Livestock is one of the first areas the player encounters after selecting a class, with the "Where Adventures Begin II" quest starting there, alongside a couple of side-Quests and tasks. It is also an attractive grinding spot for low-level players, with its low-level and few hostile Creatures.

    Passive Creatures:
    Hostile Creatures:


    • Carl
    • Harland
    • Witt the Traveller
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