Wiki Guidelines

Nov 26, 2019
Wiki Guidelines
  • Wiki Guidelines

    Proper guide for using the Dyescape Wiki

    The Dyescape wiki is a database collaboratively developed and managed by community users and can, therefore, be edited by anyone. To prevent abuse or mismanagement the wiki has rules set in place to ensure that the wiki remains a trustworthy and user-friendly source of information. To learn more About the Wiki, click here

    Contributing About Guidelines

    The wiki adheres to all Dyescape Rules which can be found here. Additional wiki-related rules can be found below.

    Rule 1 | Disruptive Intent
    Being disruptive is in the case of editing a wiki with the intent of removing or adding unnecessary content is not permitted in any way.

    Rule 2 | Be objective when documenting
    All documentation should be able to be backed up with factual or substantial support for the statements made. Personal anecdotes are not permitted.

    Rule 3 | Keep things consistent
    Please remain consistent with other layouts of the wiki pages. For example, the following including but not limited to:
    1. Using templates and not adjusting templates.
    2. Keeping the information related to its topic.
    3. Always link documentation from different topics if relevant.

    Breaking any of the rules above can result in your Wiki editing access being restricted and/or restriction of the use of any Dyescape services.

    For more information about templates, click here
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