Horse Preference

Aug 20, 2021
Horse Preference
  • Horse Preference

    Information about the Task quest, "Horse Preference"

    "Horse Preference" is a mini-quest.
    Recommended Level: Any

    Objective: "Interact with Chestnut"
    The black Horse in the back of the stalls is Chestnut. Chestnut greets you and has options to check out the Horse.

    Objective: "Interact with Mulberry"
    Mulberry is in the stall next to Chestnut, interact with Mulberry.

    Objective: "Interact with Spirit"
    Spirit is next to Mulberry. Interact with Spirit.

    Objective: "Pick out Witt's Horse"
    After analyzing each Horse, Witt asks for help to choose a Horse. There are three options to choose from. Once he is helped, he offers a reward.

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