Hotbar Mechanics

Sep 1, 2018
Hotbar Mechanics
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    Hotbar Mechanics

    The hotbar in Dyescape is somewhat unique compared to how you normally use it in Minecraft. Specific slots have specific functionalities, and can only be used for specific purposes. For example, part of the hotbar is used to execute skills, while other slots are used to access data, equip a weapon or tool, or open a minimap.

    Selected (focused) slot
    You as player will always have a specific slot selected; your hand (weapon/tool) (7th) slot. You will always have your focus on this slot. When you select a different slot, you will perform an action set to that slot. For example, executing slot 1 to 5 will execute a skill. Slot 6 will swap your skill bar with a 2nd bar (10 skills can be equipped total), 7 is your main hand slot for Weapons & Tools, 8 gives you a pocket minimap and 9 opens your character menu where you can unlock skills, inspects your active or completed Quests or check out your stats.

    Executing skills
    In your 1st to 5th hotbar slot you will have your skills. To execute a skill, simply press the respective number on your keyboard. This will select the chosen slot, execute the skill, and automatically select your hand slot (7th slot) again. The skill will fade out gray and will start cooling down. When the skill has cooled down, you can use it again. In addition, after executing any skill, all skills will go on a small grace period (for about 1.5 seconds), meaning you cannot use any skills during the grace period time. This is implemented to prevent people from spamming skills too much.

    Swapping/scrolling skills
    At some point in the game, you may have dozens of skills unlocked, and choosing which one you want to equip can be a hard decision. Due to the high amount of skills you may have available, we added a feature which allows you to swap (or scroll once) your skills. You see 5 skill slots in your hotbar, and when you press the 6 on your keyboard (or scroll up once), you will swap out these 5 skills with the other, second row that you have configured through your skill menu. Pressing 6 (or scrolling up) again will swap back to the original 5 skills. This means that you have two rows of 5 skills available, so 10 in skills in total. You cannot manually interact with these slots what so ever through your inventory view.

    Hand (weapon & tool) slot
    Your hand slot is the slot you will always have selected by default. Selecting any other slot will simply result in the server forcefully selecting your hand slot again, after performing the respective action of the slot you just tried to select. In this hand slot, you may only equip Weapons and Tools. If you try to drop any other item in this slot, the server will disallow it.

    Pocket minimap

    Our world is quite large, and we understand that you as player may get lost while exploring the world. To help you out a little more with navigating, you are given a pocket minimap. To equip this map, simply press 8 on your keyboard (or scroll down once) and a minimap will appear in your offhand slot. This is done to prevent it from interfering with your weapon or tool. This is not a normal map, but a minimap. When you move around while having the map open, the terrain on the map will constantly update and it will map out the area around you, while keeping you in the center of the map. Tracked quest objectives are also available on this map in the form of a white cross. To hide the map, simply press 8 on your keyboard again (or scroll down once) and the map will disappear. You cannot take the minimap item out of your offhand slot.

    Character menu
    Pressing 9 on your keyboard will open the character menu. In here, you can check out & upgrade your attribute skills which increase your max health, health regeneration, base damage, defence & luck. You can also check out your class skill tree and unlock & equip skills there, as well checking out your quest log. Basic character information such as your level, exp, reputation, class and more is also available in this menu.
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