Mad Pig

Feb 13, 2019
Mad Pig
  • Mad Pig
    Currently Not Available
    Creature stats
    Health points: 30.0 (+10.0)
    Damage points: 10.0 (+5.0)
    Movement speed: 0.10 (+0.005)
    Knockback resistance: 0.10 (+0.005)
    Rarity: Common
    Hostile: True
    Head: None
    Chest: None
    Legs: None
    Feet: None

    Mad Pig

    Creature info

    About the Mad Pigs
    Pigs are often kept by farmers to provide Food. Some of the pigs have turned against the farmers and have started a rebellion. They will attack anyone who gets too close to them because they are scared of the faith that awaits them one day. Mad pigs look similar to normal pigs, but they look slightly tougher. They are often lurking around regular, friendly pigs.

    The Mad Pig can be found in the following locations:
    • Several fenced-off areas in the Sea Acre Farms
    • Farms in Phala
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