Passenger Hunt

Aug 20, 2021
Passenger Hunt
  • Passenger Hunt

    Information about the Side quest, "Passenger Hunt"

    "Passenger Hunt" is a side quest that extends the MQL* quest "Where Adventures Begin II"
    Recommended Level: Any

    Objective: "Speak to Jeremy"
    Jeremy forgets about the ship and packs and leaves immediately.
    Coords: 118/70/510

    Objective: "Speak to Mai"
    Mai seems aggravated. She says she will not be making it onto the ship.
    Coords: 223/84/327

    Objective: "Speak to Roy"
    Instead of meeting with Roy, an unknown NPC appears. This NPC provides instruction to find Roy at Clemen's Livestock.

    Objective: "Speak to Roy at Clemens' Livestock"
    Roy forgets about the boat, but he appreciates the warning. He leaves and gives coins as a reward.
    Coords: 284/72/196

    Objective: "Speak to Dristan"
    Dristan appreciates the completion of the quest and gives a reward.
    Coords: -48/73/393

    MQL = Main Quest Line
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