Jul 3, 2019
  • Phala

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    Level range: 1-20
    Type: Province
    Within: Eturia

    Phala is an island located south of the Coast of Suun. It is the southern-most point of Eturia. The island is inhabited by humans and is the home for different Creatures and the Titans.

    The island used to be the home for the Titans, though not much is known about the giants that inhabited the island. Most of their civilization has been lost to the ravages of time, leaving nothing but ashes and legends. At the beginning of the Third Age of Eturia a group of men found the ancient Shackles of Kreus, which changed the world for them forever and irrevocably. Over the next fifty years, repeated expeditions to the Isle of Phala grew until a permanent camp was struck in 43 3.A.E (Year 42 of the Third Age of Eturia), eventually flourishing into the town known as Clemens in the south of the Isle, next to port bearing its name. Research into the Titans continues, with artifacts, records and wall paintings discovered almost daily amongst the trees, and in the vast network of caverns that web Phala’s mountains.


    Phala is a large island, with various mountains that are connected by a web of tunnels and is covered in large forests reminiscent of the jungles of Atlya.

    • Abandoned Islands
    • Clemen's Farms
    • Goblin Hideout
    • The Dark Forest
    • The Grayfathom Ridges
    • The Whitewater Ranges
    • Waterfalls


    • Phala is an anagram of Alpha
    • Phala used to be called Azündeim
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