Aug 19, 2021
  • Phala

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    Region information
    Level range: 1-20
    Type: Province
    Within: Eturia

    Phala is an island located south of the Coast of Suun. It is the southernmost point of Eturia. The island is inhabited by humans and is the home of many different Creatures.

    Phala began as a colony of the Ikaron Kingdom. Founded in 239 PCC (Post-Continental Conquest), Phala quickly became an important trading center, as it gave merchant ships a perfect place to resupply before continuing across the ocean. 10 years later, the citizens forced the creation of the Phala government that is now in effect, adding an aspect of democratization.

    Phala's distance from Ikaron means that it functions mostly autonomously, and the town has also developed its own culture that is distinct from Ikaron. The people of Phala mainly enjoy seafood, with the addition of locally farmed vegetables, although ranching and the associated meats are becoming more prominent.

    Phala has two important periods: the Sailing Season and the Slack Season. The Sailing Season lasts from spring until late fall. Slack Season lasts from late fall until late spring. During the sailing season, winds and currents are favorable to the sailing of ships; however, during Slack Season, the winds and currents become unfavorable for sailing. During the Slack Season, people will frequently celebrate and share in festivities, awaiting the return of business and contact with the Ikaron mainland.

    Along with the shipping business, Phala also has important mining operations. Because of the wide range of business in Phala, there is no majority employer/industry.


    Phala is a large island, with various mountains that are connected by a web of tunnels and are covered in large forests reminiscent of the jungles of Atlya.



    • Phala is an anagram of Alpha
    • Phala used to be called Az√ľndeim

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