Aug 22, 2021
  • Pig
    Creature stats
    Health points: 30.0 (+1.0)
    Damage points: 0.0 (+0.0)
    Movement speed: 0.10 (+0.005)
    Knockback resistance: 0.010 (+0.005)
    Rarity: Common
    Hostile: False
    Head: None
    Chest: None
    Legs: None
    Feet: None


    Creature info

    About the Pig
    Pigs are friendly animals kept by farmers. They are used as a source of Food, but most of them don't realize this as they don't go aggressive. Pigs can be found on almost any farm around the world.

    The Pig can be found in the following locations:
    • In some fenced-off areas in the Sea Acre Farms
    • Farms in Phala

    Item Drops

    Defeating the Pig is great for lower-leveled adventurers to obtain the more commonly found foods. You should expect to see Carrot and Raw Porkchop drop from defeating this animal. For a full list of potential drops, see the list below.

    Raw Porkchop

    Animal Product

    -drop table continuously being updated-
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