Sep 21, 2021
  • Dyescape Staff

    Staff team & roles

    The managers take care of each aspect of Dyescape whilst managing their own teams and create communication between the teams when one needs the other.
    • Technology Manager - MrDienns
    • Financial, Frontend and Content Manager - Aekalix

    Moderation Team
    The moderators make sure the rules are followed and punish those who do not want to follow them. Any further assistance regarding rules and punishments should be informed to them.

    The developers create all the technical aspects of the server and provide the content team with the Tools they need. They've created all the Gameplay mechanics you will see in-game.

    Game Design Team
    The content team creates Quests, Items, Creatures, and abilities. They write the storyline so it fits in with everything else.

    Wiki Team
    The wiki team keeps pages like this organized and makes sure the info displayed is true and up-to-date.
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