Trash Talk

Aug 20, 2021
Trash Talk
  • Trash Talk

    Information about the Side quest, "Trash Talk"

    "Trash Talk" is a side-quest.
    Recommended Level: 3

    Objective: "Grab a trash bag."
    Trash bags are found outside of Leila's store. Right-click on the dumpster (cauldrons) to receive a trash bag.

    Objective: "Take out the trash"
    Once a trash bag has been picked up, a new objective marker will be given. This marker will lead to the organic waste drop-off where the trash can be discarded. Right-click to drop it.

    Objective: "Head back to Leila's"
    A cutscene begins during this objective. A Robber confronts Leila for Money. The Robber then runs away with the Money, leaving Leila scared.

    Objective: "Catch the Robber"
    The Robber has run away and now must be caught. Once found, the guards may take care of him or a mini-boss fight may begin, depending on whether the player attacks or talks to the Robber.

    Objective: "Return to Leila"
    Leila thanks the player for their help and dismisses them. The quest is completed.
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