Upcoming Alpha features

Apr 7, 2019
Upcoming Alpha features
  • Upcoming Alpha features

    Features you can expect to see in the future

    Some features may be missing at the initial Alpha launch. We are yet to add a few major functionalities to our server during the Alpha stage, so everything can be well tested before we go into a much larger beta stage. Below is a list of features we are yet to create, what the feature is and why it hasn't been created yet. Note that this list is not final, and more features will be added to this list in the future.

    • Dungeons
      • This allows you to enter a dungeon, which will be there for you and you only. In our eyes, dungeons (and boss rooms included) should act and look private for each player (unless in a party or guild). This means that you enter and complete a dungeon yourself, without any other players involved (again, unless in a party or guild). Due to the high complexity of this plugin, it may or may not be available in the initial pre-Alpha launch. Follow development updates for more info about this.
    • Parties
      • Parties allow you and your friends to play together more easily. From making sure you're all connected to the same server, to sharing drops, exp or doing a dungeon together. Reason this plugin has not yet been created is because the initial pre-Alpha launch will be fairly small, and we did not see the need in spending time yet on making a party plugin which a low player count.
    • Guilds
      • Guilds works fairly similar to parties, but on a much larger scale. Guilds allows you to create a large groups of people and explore the world together, doing Quests together, looting dungeons together, etc. Another major functionality of the guild plugin will be Guild Housing, allowing every guild to build their own base. In a world where people can normally not break or place any blocks, this requires a fairly complex setup as well as enough community interaction, which is the reason it will not be here at initial launch.
    • Professions
      • Professions allow you to upgrade your character in certain skills, such as cooking, smithing or alchemy. These professions are not yet available at the pre-Alpha initial launch solely because the amount of content would not allow it. The playable area is relatively small compared to what we have planned, and this reflects in the amount of content, available Items and the level cap. Implementing professions at launch is something we decided to skip because it would be extremely limited none the less, a little too limited in our eyes.

    We all have our priorities since the development is fairly small. Our priorities are to first get all major bugs fixed so gameplay should be as clean as possible. After all major bugs are fixed, we will start implementing and creating new features.
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