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What is the Alpha

Aug 19, 2021
What is the Alpha
  • Dyescape Alpha

    What is the Alpha?


    The Alpha stage for Dyescape is a stage where we are far from finished with development, but want to show off some of the early features. In the Alpha stages, we mainly focus on testing & balancing the key functionalities. We test plugins for stability & bugs and we test network & server stability. On top of that, we want to use the Alpha stages as a solid feedback period. Since we are still in this early stage of development, we can easily apply any feedback given to us. This means that every player who participates in the Alpha is expected to give us their opinion and feedback from time to time.

    One should not be surprised to see some bugs here and there, or things not being fully balanced. The goal of the Alpha is to fix these issues, and you should be prepared to find these issues. Please report any of them to us.

    Time period
    The Alpha stage of Dyescape will last as long as things cannot be considered production-ready. The Alpha stage is to prepare Dyescape for the future, and if it isn't ready to handle thousands of players, the Alpha period will not end. It will last as long as needed to make sure the network becomes stable enough and until it has enough features to call it a full game. The Alpha stage may last several months, depending on how strong the team becomes.

    Future plans
    We are currently in our full Alpha launch. During this time, we will be resolve many major bugs that affect gameplay and balancing issues. After this full Alpha stage we will go into beta. The beta stage overall means the network is almost fully done and it would need only a few more final touches before it can be called ready for a full release.
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