What to expect

Jul 15, 2021
What to expect
  • Dyescape Alpha

    What to expect from it

    Dyescape is far from finished in terms of development, so please do not expect a full blown MMORPG project with months of playable content, hundreds of skills, monsters or Items. The Alpha (and especially pre-Alpha) is a very early stage in development where things will be heavily limited. Please do not see us as a replacement for your other MMORPG server (yet).

    You can expect to see basic functionalities such as a character system (where players can have multiple characters) with four basic classes (more to be added), skills, a skill tree, custom monsters, custom Items, an unique questing system, NPC shops (no auctions or trading yet) and fast travelling between major cities.

    An Alpha teaser was released on July 17th, 2021.

    Below a list of things to keep in mind when playing the Dyescape Alpha:
    • Our server is nowhere near finished. We have not created all functionalities yet because some do not really apply to a pre-Alpha with limited playercount. Some of the features we have not yet created but will be added in the soon future are:
      • Guilds;
      • Parties;
      • Boss rooms & large (private) dungeons;
      • Player housing;
      • Professions;
      • Auctions;
    • The pre-Alpha is closed access, meaning players have to request access and we approve (or reject) a request. We have limited spots available and we want to keep the playercount relatively low during pre-Alpha because we still have a small team. We cannot handle hundreds of players right now. The amount of signups will be more than the amount of slots the pre-Alpha server will have. This is due to difference in time-zone and the fact that realistically speaking, some people who signed up will not show up at the Alpha. There could be some times where the slots are filled and you cannot join because the server is full. If this is the case, please be patient until the player count has dropped a little. Another option would be to purchase a donator rank and bypass this restriction.
    • The pre-Alpha of Dyescape is an extremely early stage of development. Some features may (and will probably) be changed. Please do not judge our server during the pre-Alpha like everything is final. Community feedback is an important part of the Alpha. If you would like to see things changed, let us know.
    • We have tried our very best to build our software with stability in mind. However, realistically speaking, some things will go wrong here and there. You should expect to see some minor bugs from time to time. If you find any, please report them to us. You should not be surprised to see these bugs nor should you judge our network quality on them.
    • We will schedule updates on an almost standard interval. Most likely every week, depending on what we want to update. Bugs in terms of content can be fixed on the spot without having to reboot any servers. Software or large map updates will require a network restart which could cause a downtime of a few minutes. Each of these software or large map updates will be announced on the website.
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