Where Adventures Begin I

Aug 28, 2021
Where Adventures Begin I
  • Where Adventures Begin I

    Information about the MQL quest, "Where Adventures Begin I"

    "Where Adventures Begin I" is the first available quest when joining Dyescape. This quest is a part of the MQL* and helps teach some fundamentals of the Dyescape quest system.
    Recommended Level: 1

    Objective: “Wake Up”
    I feel nothing. It’s as if all physical sensation has fled. I need to… I need to… breathe... Breathe, Breathe! Dammit! Finally, cold air rushes through my nostrils filling my lungs. I feel the pressure lift and I slowly exhale. Inhale… Exhale… I begin to feel again. My physical body comes into focus. My breathing starts to relax. I switch my focus to my physical sensations. I listen to the sounds around me. I... I don’t remember being at the beach...I seem to be lying on a hard surface… Only the quicksilver shimmer of a stream of water…

    Objective: "Find the treasure chest"
    This objective focuses on introducing treasure chests. Purple Particles surround treasure chests. When visible, right-clicking on the chest will open it and disperse loot. In this objective, the treasure chest will give a Worn-Out Shirt and a Sharp Stick.

    Objective: "Find the exit of the cave"
    Hmm… There might be more loot around.
    After finding the treasure chest in the previous objective, it's time to get out of the cave. A stream is present in the cave to serve as a guide. In the middle of the larger room, a central pillar hides a chest. This chest is located on the far side of the pillar. This chest will drop Worn-Out Shoes and some coins. Remaining on the stream will reveal a staircase that leads to the exit of the cave.

    Objective: "Kill the goblins (2)"
    Leaving the cave reveals that an unknown NPC is being attacked by two goblins. A new objective is established, and that is to slay the goblins, saving the NPC. A yellow marker should be present above the NPC's head which is an objective indicator. This marker is used a lot throughout Dyescape. When the two goblins have been slain a new dialogue will begin which will lead to class selection.
    My heart is beating faster than I ever thought it could handle. I collapse and fall to the ground. I try to fight it, but it is stronger. My eyes shut.
    Thank you, MangoBoi for the image

    Objective: "Check out the chatter downstairs"
    The class selection is now over and a new objective has been given. This objective establishes features in Dyescape. Initially, a cutscene begins which adds new meaning to Quests. Once the cutscene finishes, a Minimap and a Quest log will become available for use. These are important utilities that can be found in the player menu.

    Objective: "Leave the house"
    Follow the objective marker, leave the house, and begin the next cutscene.

    After finishing these simple objectives a cutscene showcasing Clemens is shown. Now, "Where Adventures Begin II" and "Explore Clemens" begin!

    MQL = Main Quest Line
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