Where Adventures Begin II

Aug 15, 2021
Where Adventures Begin II
  • Where Adventures Begin II

    Information about the MQL quest, "Where Adventures Begin II"

    "Where Adventures Begin II" is the second available quest when playing Dyescape. This quest is a part of the MQL*.
    Recommended Level: 2

    Objective: “Open your minimap from the menu”
    The minimap can be found by opening the player menu and clicking on the Map button.

    Objective: "Visit the market"
    This objective introduces a new NPC, Nolan. Nolan provides dialogue and then assigns a new objective to the player.

    Objective: "Talk to Carl at Clemens' Livestock"
    After speaking to Nolan at the market, he assigns a new objective. This new objective involves a short trek through Clemens. A new location is found, "Clemens' Livestock." Carl provides dialogue and begins a cutscene. As part of this objective, Carl gives a class-specific item. This objective activates a side-quest, "Training Session."

    Objective: "Slay 5 Angry Chickens, 5 Angry Pigs, and 7 Angry Bulls"
    The goal of this objective is to aid Carl in putting down some of his rabid animals. There are numerous pens with animals, some neutral and some malicious. Slay the malicious animals to complete this objective.

    Objective: "Speak to Carl"
    Once Carl's animals have been slain he has more dialogue. He prescribes a new objective, to speak to Nolan at the Harbour Farms.

    Objective: "Speak to Nolan at the Harbour Farms"
    This objective introduces a new NPC, Terrance. Terrance asks that the Giant Earthworm in his garden is taken care of. The Giant Earthworm introduces Boss Mechanics in Dyescape.

    Objective: "Slay the Giant Earthworm"
    The Giant Earthworm has various abilities that will be used in combat. This boss has a region lock which, when he goes outside of his region, will reset the fight. The Giant Earthworm has a health max of 98 hearts.

    Objective: "Speak to Terrance"

    Once the Giant Earthworm is defeated Terrance offers a reward. Nolan gets hungry and wants to eat, because of this a new objective is formed: "Follow Nolan to the Harbour Market."

    Objective: "Follow Nolan to the Harbour Market"
    This objective teaches about the different types of markets around Clemens.

    Objective: "Speak to Leila"

    Leila assigns a new side-quest, "Trash Talk." This quest must be completed to continue on with "Where Adventures Begin II."

    Objective: "Speak to Nolan"

    Nolan explains why he stayed behind and didn't help with "Trash Talk." He offers another job.

    Objective: "Meet Nolan at the Harbour Hall"

    Nolan wants to speak to Dristan.

    Objective: "Meet Dristan"

    Dristan is introduced and gives a new side-quest, "Passenger Hunt." This must be completed to finish the objective.

    Objective: "Finish Passenger Hunt"

    Dristan assigns a side-quest to you which you must complete. Once that quest is completed "Where Adventures Begins III" is over.

    Now, "Where Adventures Begin III" begins!

    MQL = Main Quest Line
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