Where Adventures Begin IV

Aug 22, 2021
Where Adventures Begin IV
  • Where Adventures Begin IV

    Information about the MQL quest, "Where Adventures Begin IV"

    "Where Adventures Begin IV" is the fourth MQL* quest you will encounter when playing Dyescape. This quest is a part of the MQL.
    Recommended Level: 4

    Objective: "Was I dreaming?"
    Esther engages in a brief conversation and asks that Leo's book get returned to the library.

    Document Incomplete.

    • Was I dreaming?
    • Return Leo's book
    • Attend the assembly
    • Speak to Nathan
    • Speak to Carl
    • Find and trace the footsteps
    • Kill the 3 ferals
    • Report back to Carl
    • Report back to Nathan

    You're now advancing through the MQL* and will begin "Where Adventures Begin V".

    MQL = Main Quest Line
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