Wild Boar

Aug 13, 2021
Wild Boar
  • Wild Boar

    Creature stats
    Health points: 40.0 (+10.0)
    Damage points: 15.0 (+5.0)
    Movement speed: 0.15 (+0.005)
    Knockback resistance: 0.015 (+0.005)
    Rarity: Common
    Hostile: True
    Head: None
    Chest: None
    Legs: None
    Feet: None

    Wild Boar

    Creature info

    About the Wild Boar
    The Wild Boar is often seen around settlements in nearby forests. They are often seen in large packs of 5 to 10 boars. They are known to be aggressive animals and they will attack anyone who comes too close to them.

    The Wild Boar can be found in the following locations:
    • In the forest north of Tavetan
    • Farms in Phala
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