Aug 22, 2021
  • Wolf

    Creature stats
    Health points: 50.0 (+15.0)
    Damage points: 10.0 (+10.0)
    Movement speed: 0.15 (+0.010)
    Knockback resistance: 0.05 (+0.005)
    Rarity: Common
    Hostile: True
    Head: None
    Chest: None
    Legs: None
    Feet: None


    Creature info

    About the Wolf
    The wolf is an angry beast that lurks deep within the forests of Phala. Underneath the canopy of trees, this wild predator defends its territory in packs. While small looking, they shouldn't be mistaken for an easy target. Combined with the wolf's high agility is their damage. It will take more than a couple of hits to take down this animal. If you cross paths with one, act quickly for they won't give you much time before mauling you.

    The Wolf can be found in the following locations:

    Item Drops
    Hidden within the fur of these beasts, you may find the gear of dead adventures that were savagely ripped apart. The Bones of the wolf's victims are most common, however you can find some novelties here and there if you're lucky.. For a full list of potential drops, see the list below.


    Animal Material:
    • Wolf Teeth (Common)


    -drop table continuously being updated-
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