MrDienns OWNER posted Mar 25, 17

Dyescape is making a huge move on with development. I know we've said it many times and lots of time's it looked like it wasn't really as good as we said it was. But now I can assure you can our team, that consists of almost 20 people nowadays, is working hard every day to create the beautifull idea we had and make it reality. Since 2017, I realised that I cannot do this alone; therefore I started hiring people. We got multiple programmers, map makers, designers, builders and so on. I realized that I would rather spend money something to quick up development rather than doing everything myself and saving money. Dyescape has had a huge investment and we can finally see some of those investments be worth it.


Dyescape is not finished yet, but we really don't feel like closing our doors much longer. We want to see our players again, and most likely new players too. We have set a deadline for a closed alpha and we are working hard to allow this to happen. This is not an official closed alpha announcement yet, but we strive to allow some players to join our server in roughly 6 weeks. Our new website will be part of the alpha, so whenever you see our new website up and running, you know the waiting is close to over. We suspect this website should be done in about a month.

Note that a closed alpha means that we only allow certain players to join our server while we develop it furthur and furthur. When the new website is up and running, a registration form will be created where you can sign up. Closed alpha will be a limited access to our server as we cannot afford an enormous hosting network just yet to keep up with all the players that might join.

Stay tuned.

~ Dyescape

moko VIP Noice
S_Weel God I've been waiting so long for this! This sounds awesome! I really hope that I can join as soon as possible :)! I di...


MrDienns OWNER posted Feb 15, 17

Yes. You read the title. I hope? Yes. You probably did. We're getting a pretty big move on with Dyescape lately. This is because I realised one important thing a while ago; I can't do everything myself. I'm a pretty handy guy and I can get quite alot of things done on my own, but sometimes we just need more manpower, so I started hiring people, and boy do we see progress. I have one man working on all of the terrain related maps at the moment, and I have 2 builders that will soon build stuff in those maps. I contacted some company to get me a new, proper website with a nice feel to it as well, and we're probably getting a another developer for our plugins too.

It's just a quite update, nothing special. I feel like this project is finally getting a little realistic. We'll keep you all updated.

~ Dyescape

thomcdrom2 So when are you going to launch Can't wait to play on it!
GrammMe LEGEND About time. I'm dying here, I won't get to play during the week like I used to but I want to play.


MrDienns OWNER posted Dec 24, 16


We at Dyescape would like to wish everyone a happy christmas and a happy new year! Unfortunately we can't hand out any christmas presents this year. It's also a fact that we cannot open Dyescape this year, or any soon. I'm almost finished with my exams, so after that I can go all out on development again. We recently got a new idea for our server, which should be pretty exciting.

Dyescape will guarenteed open in 2017. That's a little vage, we know. There's still lots of stuff we have to do. We're probably going to focus on a few things instead of doing all sorts of things at once. You should soon start to see alot more images on Facebook for that reason.

We hope to see everyone someday in 2017!

 ~ Dyescape


MrDienns OWNER posted Nov 16, 16


The only thing I'm not happy about when it comes to the Dyescape development process, is that it's insanely time consuming, since I'm pretty much doing 99% of the work. There's three things we need to do on our server, which are: Back-end, front-end, content. Backend is my department, it's the code that runs on the server, the databases that go with it, the servers that run our stuff, the monitoring tools we use to check performance, and so on. Frontend is pretty much our buildings and maps. It's no secret, as confirmed a very while ago, that Dyescape will not be a survival server anymore, as there is too much competition for this and there's no way we can make such a popular server like that. Not being a survival server, it's pretty obvious that we need to create some kind of map, and some buildings, right? That's frontend. Content is what can be done on our server, I can't go into detail about that, but content is generally something to do on our server. Feel bored? Too few content.


I'm a technical guy. Ask me to draw a bird, and you'll end up with something looking like a drunk letter V. I am not that creative when it comes to designing and displaying stuff, which is infact, a very important thing in our upcoming server. I've assigned one of my new secret staff members to take over this job for me, say hi to Julian! It would take me months to finish part of the front-end, while still developing the back-end. It's too much work for me. The new staff member, which is not listed on the website, because his position would expose our development idea, is going to help us solve this issue. I'll still be the quality assurance guy, so don't worry, he's not going to deliver bad work. Meanwhile, I can keep on developing the backend, which means that we'd be done way sooner. Atleast, that's the idea.


I feel bad for not being able to show the slightest of our new project. We can't go into any detail, but, whenever we develop furthur on the front-end, we will display it to you guys. We will most likely create video's, simply doing a fly-by of our new map / building, with some epic music in the background. I really hope I can create those video's soon, but it'll take atleast another month before we can get close to any real progress, since the new staff member has to learn how the software works he has to use. It's not easy, but I have a faith. Waving a few houndred dollars in his face sure made him interested in working all of a suddon, I should try that more often.

~ Dyescape


MrDienns OWNER posted Oct 24, 16


We had a hard time developing something pretty important. We've been developing this for the past 2 months, and it's not even fully finished yet, but the main functionality of something we really needed has finally been developed. Our server is still a secret, so nope, can't share what we developed. I can imagine people getting sick of me saying it's secret all the time. What's the point in posting news every month while keeping it a secret what we do exactly? Honestly, I don't know. Maybe I just feel like expressing myself. Anyhow! Slight milestone reached again, yay. Dyescape currently holds like, what, 8,000 lines of code I wrote, and another 35,000 lines of code I gathered from open-source projects and customized. This month's news is pretty much we same as always, we make progress, slowly but steady. We also added a new staff member to our team, but I can't exactly tell his position since that would break our secret code, so you won't meet him before we go beta, or atleast make our idea public.


If you check out our staff page, you notice that someone's missing. Someone who's been around since the very beginning of Dyescape. He's one of the guys it all started with. Years back, we made a server called Flint-Network, later renamed to Dyescape. We started this server with a total of 5 people, including me. As of today, none of those people remained. They either got fired, or they quit. Mainly all of them lost interest in either us or the game, and this time it was no exception. The rest of the crew all had the same thought as me; someone had a position that he shouldn't have, simply because he can't fulfill the work expected from him. He also agreed that he's not able to do the work we ask him to do. The reason he was able to stay this long is most likely because he's a great friend of mine, and I was affraid firing him would be bad for our friendship. Since we are seriously planning on becoming one of the better Minecraft server, we can't have people with important positions not doing their job because they're a friend. He got fired because of business reasons. Luckily it doesn't seem to affect our friendship, which is what I'm really happy about. Take care Rick (Reakks), I'm glad I started the previous Dyescape with you.

~ Dyescape

lagobelle how can i come on the white list?????????
lagobelle i was away from a year i think but i,m BACK here i come (is it now 1.11) xD
lagobelle hai
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