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    Fixed Lumberjack not accepting food

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    New Beginnings - v0.2 Alpha Release

    Alpha Release We are releasing the second iteration of the Alpha, version 0.2! The evolution of this update is immense and I would like to discuss a few. The teaser with release date will be linked below so you can skip ahead if you want. Initial Plan The initial plan of the v0.2 update was...
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    Accepted Minor Issues

    Points one and two are already addressed. Point three will be addressed in v0.2. Thank you for your suggestion!
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    More minor things

    Hi, Thank you for taking the time to write a suggestion thread. Music We will mark this down as future improvements and we will look into it for v0.3. Jewellery I see your concern in regards to this but your assumption of never changing it out is wrong. More and more jewellery will be added...
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    Fixed Glitching out npc's (Lumberjacks)

    Fixed in v0.1.4.
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    Fixed Interaction with doors casts the mage attack

    Fixed in v0.1.4.
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    Fixed Priest Smite Issue

    Fixed in v0.1.4.
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    Fixed Blink can go through fences diagonally

    Fixed in v0.1.4.
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    Fixed Player minimap marker is slightly wrong

    Fixed in v0.1.4.
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    Fixed Dialogue erases chat history

    Fixed in v0.1.4.
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    Fixed NPC Mobs displays "CREATURE" on death

    Fixed in v0.1.4.
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    Fixed Smite can go through walls

    Fixed in v0.1.4.